Lost in Flight by Neeny Boucher Reviewed

Lost in Flight by Neeny Boucher Reviewed


my thoughts

If you like your characters quirky, socially awkward, and badly behaved, this is the book for you. What if you got another chance with the love of your life, even when you didn’t want one? Would you grab the opportunity, or run as fast as you could in the opposite direction?
Christina Martin, lawyer, ex high school grunge queen, teenage bride, divorcee, and once a suspected killer, is confronted by a past that she has spent the last eight years carefully avoiding. Drawn back to her hated hometown, with her family under the worst of circumstances, matters are complicated when she finds the love of her life, ex-husband and nemesis, Nicholas Riley, also in residence.

Riley, a man with secrets, who has a penchant for psychological games, made wary by life and with one weakness, his ex-wife. Christina is the woman that brings out all his protective instincts and others less noble. All it takes is one fateful night, where these two collide, opening a door both thought slammed shut and locked forever.

From the past to the present, Christina and Riley show that true love doesn’t always run smoothly, it might not conquer all, and most importantly, love is complicated.
“Lost in Flight” is book one in the “Complicated Love Series.”

my thoughts

This book even though it’s romance is not your usual romance either. It’s realistic and something you can relate to. It tells of a journey of love that one way or another some us has gone through not exactly as it is but in a manner.

There’s romance, and humor and drama. That’s the reason I enjoyed this book so much. I also like how the characters evolved and grow throughout the story. There are frustrating bits to that would make you want to be part of it just to shake some sense into the characters.

As a reader, I don’t really pay attention much to chapters and chapter headings once I get myself into the story. That’s why I there were times I felt lost as to whether I’m at the present or the past. That bit threw me off a tad but even so, I really enjoyed the story. Also this is the first book I’ve read in 3rd POV present and honestly I don’t know what to feel about that. It felt a little off though.

Still, this is overall a good book and I’d definitely read the next one.

four star

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