I’m a public servant by profession, a dreamer by heart and an artist by nature.

I’m a small town girl with big passion for reading, arts and music. Although arts and music hate me so much. On a lazy day, if I’m not reading I’m trying to draw or annoy everyone with my off-tune singing.

It is my dream to write another book, aside from the short one I had published by a local publisher.

For the past couple of years, I am into a lot of indie and e-published books, thanks to owning a kindle that opened the door to a whole new community for me. From constantly blogging random thoughts I am now an owner of a book page that helps promote indie authors. I also do reviews,  and teasers (sometimes). For book reviews, below is a list of genres I am willing to do a review for. You can send me an e-mail for inquiry and request or fill up our contact form.

List of Genre I am willing to Read and Review:
Contemporary Romance
Young Adult
Young Adult Fantasy
Science Fiction
Historical Romance
New Adult
Paranormal/ Urban Fantasy / Gothic
Mystery, Suspense Thrillers

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