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Why I Support MaryDale “MayMay” Entrata For Big Three



Reasons Why I Support Mary Dale “MayMay” Entrata for Big Three




As PBB Teens is coming to an end, I know most of us have our own bet. I also realized that a basher can find unending fault at one housemate while others see none. I don’t plan to contradict anybody.  I am merely expressing my opinion and sharing why I love my bet.

  1. From Day 1 she exuded good vibes inside the house.

Kung nasimulan mo ang season na ito ng PBB, then like me, you still remember that day. I think every single soul who watched the show that night laughed as she said, “Hala, bakit ganon. Kain na lang ako.” While Nikko and McCoy pretended to be having a fight.

It was her positive vibes that drew her housemates to her those first few days and made everyone felt at ease and welcomed. Her positive vibes is really a charm.

It was also this positive side of her that helped Edward to enjoy dancing even if it’s not his thing during their first lucky task. Ito din ang dahilan kaya nagawa nya ang first secret task ng season nila, at yon ay maisagawa ang iba’t-ibang request ng mama ni Heaven para sa 100 secs nila.


  1. She’s not really an ate outside the house but she tries her very best to be a good ate to her housemates.

She has her worries that she might not be a good ate the day the celebrity housemates left. But as days go by, she step by step proved that she can be an Ate to all of them. Minsan, we think na isip bata s’ya. Siguro dahil parati s’yang tumatawa, ginagawang biro ang lahat. Pero hindi rin maitatanggi na kapag kailangan ng voice of reason nandiyan siya. She knows how to step up and take control of the situation when it’s needed. Isa sa mga halimbawa nito ay ang mga pagkakataon na nagkaroon ng hindi pagkakaunawaan sa loob ng bahay ni kuya. Noong nag away si Christian at si Rita, Si Christian at si Marco, Si Marco at si Kisses. Hindi naging madali yon para sa kanya pero makikita natin yong effort nya na ayusin ang gusot ng walang pinapanigan.

At bilang isang ate, nakita din natin iyong concern nya noong medyo lumalampas na sa limitasyon ang ibang housemates. Hindi iyon naging madali sa iba na tanggapin pero pinanindigan nya ang kung ano sa palagay niya ay tama.

  1. I saw her beautiful soul when Lola Pina came in.

Habang ang ibang housemate ay pinipilit ang sarili na pakinggan si lola sa walang katapusan nyang kwento, si Maymay makikita mo na very genuine sya sa kung ano mang kwento ni lola. Halos ayaw na nyang umalis sa tabi ni lola. There were a few conversation that really stuck with me and here they were (Please note that all conversations from here onwards are non verbatim):

Fenech to Maymay when they got Lola’s things in the storage room: May diaper ate Maymay, paano to? Sino maglalagay?

Maymay to Fenech: E di ako, ginagawa ko din naman ito sa lola ko.

She said it so casually I felt the sincerity in my bones. Walang pagdadalawang isip. Walang pag-aalinlangan. She said it like it’s the most natural thing to do.

When they were planning their show:

Kristine to Housemates: Nasaan na ba si ate maymay? Kailangan natin si ate maymay sya ang magaling dito.

I think it was Aizan who answered: Na kay Lola. Ayaw na umalis sa tabi ni Lola. Namimiss ata lola nya.

This stuck to me because, that same day, I saw one of the housemates a little bit earlier to this scene rolling eyes at lola’s stories when lola was not looking. The housemates may not have noticed but the camera sure did. And I did. While this housemate was acting like she cared, Maymay was there who truly cared.

And I guess all Prime Time viewers remembered that night that MayMay took care of lola while everyone else was still asleep. Her words:

“Pag matanda na tayo, maghahanap din tayo ng pagmahal at pag aruga. Kung gusto natin na ‘yon ang gawin sa atin, ngayon pa lang gawin na natin yon sa mga lolo at lola natin. Lahat naman tayo ay papunta don.’

At her young age, she was brought up to never forget respect for the elderly, to care with them with genuineness, to love them unconditionally.

Kung nanonood ka ng Livestream alam mo na to listen to lola was not an easy feat. Hindi sya nauubusan ng kwento as in. Pero Maymay and a few other housemates never ran out of patience for her either. Never got tired of listening and Maymay most of all, she never got tired of attending to her needs despite how tired she was with the task at hand.

  1. The way she looks at life is an inspiration.

If you’ve watch since the beginning of this season, you probably know her life story. How her father left them when she was still a baby because her mother is poor. How her father’s parents tried to buy off her mother like the way people do in teleserye. You probably also know the story of the ex-bf who’s family looked at her at the same way.

The great thing about this story was that the situation made her strong but it also never let her lose sight of what’s important.  And that’s to love and accept people for what and who they are.  Never s’yang nag judge ng tao dahil sa estado sa buhay. And that’s why she’s best friend with Kisses even though the latter was rich. She cried to kuya about never meeting her real father but still, there was no bitterness. There was only longing. A longing to be hugged and loved by a real father. She may be funny most of the time but her life story is not a funny one. It was tough. But in spite all of that, her heart remain good and pure. And that just made me love her more.

  1. When she cares for someone, she does with all her heart.

Kisses and Edward are the two closest housemates to her. I like how she bonded with Kisses despite their differences in life. The first time Kisses was nominated, I remember her telling Kisses that if ever she got evicted, she will look for her and find her when she go out too. There was even this conversation with Kisses, MayMay and Fenech while they were cleaning that goes like this:

Maymay: Kisses pag lumabas tayo ditto ayos lang ba kung puntahan kita sa school mo tapos kakain tayo sa labas.

Kisses: Oo naman.

Fenech: Kayong dalawa lang talaga?

Maymay: Selos ka?

Fenech said yes but I don’t know the exact words because it was in Bisaya but ain’t that sweet? They bonded like the real sisters they never had in real life.

Edward on the other hand is another matter. What really stuck with me that made me realized how much MayMay cared for him as a friend was this conversation between her and Kisses in the girl’s bedroom that goes like this:

Kisses: Sabi nya ate May, ‘You’re not Paulo and you will never be Paulo. Tapos nandon si Edward. Kung ikaw yon ate may? (referring to Heaven practicing a dialogue with Marco).

Maymay: Supportahan na lang natin si Edward. Kung masaya man sya, maging masaya tayo para sa kanya. Kung malungkot man sya iparamdam natin na nandyan tayo para sa kanya. Kasi si Paulo ilang buwan na ba niya kilala tapos si Edward? Kasi si Edward hulog na hulog na sya. Basta tayo nandito para sa kanya.

I would need the video for the exact conversation but it was almost like this. Some say it was backstabbing the other housemate. For me, it was Maymay and Kisses showing concern for the person they are closer to. Because that’s the way Maymay is, she doesn’t do things half-heartedly and that includes loving and caring for a friend.


  1. Never say die, never give up attitude.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a task she’s good at or a task which is not at all her forte. Hindi uso kay MayMay ang salitang hindi ko kaya. Kaya ko yan. Kaya natin yan. Kakayanin natin yan. Those are the only words you will ever hear from her. Kahit minsan parang imposible. Ang maganda sa kanya, she’s not just words. Her words come with determined action. Kung ano ang sinasabi nya, iyon din ang ginagawa nya. And that’s what make her succeed in every task kuya has ever thrown at them. The Pageant, the Army Mission and even the Domino tower tasks that were not her comfort zone, we saw how determined she was to win them all.

  1. She’s a dreamer and she never lost sight of them and who she’s dreaming it for.

    I always admire people who dream big dreams and work hard to reach them. Watching Maymay everyday has given me inspiration to fight for my dreams and work hard even for those dreams I have let go because it deemed impossible. At kahit mahirap, lagi syang determinado kasi hindi nya nakakalimutan kung para saan ang mga ipinaglalaban niya sa buhay. At hindi rin siya nakakalimot magpasalamat at makaappreciate kapag naabot nya ang mga pangarap nya.

  2. There is no such thing as language barrier when it comes to her.

Never mind if she can’t speak English well. Never mind that her tagalog is not at best either. Her love and care for people transcend barriers including language barriers. Maria and Stephanie was a testament to that when she got very close to them in a short amount of time and let them feel the love that a Maymay Entrata can give. With her personally, she can make everyone feel loved and welcome no matter where you came from. And I think if you can’t feel that, the problem was probably on you and not her.

Actually, I believe her personality even cross tv screens. That’s why she’s loved by many. And that includes me.

9. She’s beautiful, strong and independent.

Actually, this was how Maria described her when she was asked about MayMay. 70+ days of watching her every day and I couldn’t agree more. Maymay is all this and more.

10. She’s a certified happy pill.

Some people say she’s over reacting lalo napag may artista na involved. For me she’s being real. All her antics and reactions always made me laugh to boot from day one till the present. She’s so fan to watch because just watching her is enough to relieve a stressful day of work. Kiber na kung mukha man siyang baliw, buang o ano pa man. Hindi niya iniisip kung ano ba magiging hitsura nya. Basta kung ano reaction nya the moment something happened, yon na yon. Buang na kung buang. It’s probably this reason that kuya enjoys having her in the confession room so much. Kung nanonood ka ng livestream, alam mo na it always takes her forever bago lumabas kapag pinapatawag sya ni kuya. And to those who watch PBB, I’m sure whether you like MayMay or not you can’t deny that there are times that she made you laugh too.

But even though she’s such a funny girl, makikita mo din yung depth ng character niya. Like when Lolo Joe happened. She tried to be so strong and tried to smile sa kabila ng pinagdadaanan niya and for me that was really inspiring. The way she boost the confidence of Vivoree when she was crying because she felt short at being a leader, when she was advising Kisses about love and moving on. Her not so 19 year old antics makes us so happy but she can also show us that she’s also really a 19 years old that has a wisdom of someone older than her age. She’s mature enough to know her priorities and enough of a child in her to see the beauty of life despite her life’s tragedies. I think it’s because of these things that she can make people happy. Her beautiful soul carries her through and that reflects in her attitude and radiates to people.

I’ve been a fan of PBB since season 1 but among all the seasons, I admire MayMay the most. As a fan of PBB, I can whole heartedly say that Mary Dale Entrata is one of the best things that happened to PBB.


  • I know we all have opinions, and we all have bets. I respect yours but please respect mine. I wrote this to express my opinion about why I support Maymay and love her. No hate.
  • All conversations are not exact, I wrote them as I remember them.
  • I’ll try to add video links if I can find them.
  • Credits to the owners of the pictures that I borrowed.


If any of you have a link to videos of scenes, kindly send them to me so I can add the link in her. Thank you very much!