Taking Charge (Lone Star Burn #4) by Ruth Cardello


Taking Charge (Lone Star Burn)Taking Charge
by Ruth Cardello
My rating: 5 of 5 stars




Lucy Albright never wanted her family’s Texas ranch, but now it’s in foreclosure. She’s already lost so much she can’t bear the thought of losing one more thing. Lucy learned the hard way not to accept help from a man when there are strings attached, so she’ll do whatever it takes to save the ranch on her own terms—even if that means launching an online business marketing high-¬tech sex toys.

Ranch manager David Harmon has a reputation for being a cowboy with a heart of gold. Even if she refuses his help, down-and-out Lucy is the kind of woman he’ll do anything to protect. And while David may not know much about Lucy’s naughty side business, that won’t stop a cowboy from doing something he’s set his mind to.

With the ranch threatened by a scheming neighbor, Lucy can’t help but keep David around. Their attraction may be undeniable, but will the spark between them burn her entire future to the ground?

my thoughts

David is one of the characters in this series that I was really curious about and was looking forward to reading the story ever since book 1. And I’m happy that the way the author wrote His and Lucy’s story dd not disappoint.

I like the progress and the flow of how their relationship was build up. I almost felt like I was in the story myself and witnessing it first hand. And like most of Ruth’s books, I enjoyed the life lessons it shared or reminded me off.

I’m not really a pet person but I was highly fascinated with David’s job. I even wished I was there to witness it first hand and maybe experience the same thing. His character’s patience was very inspiring while Lucy being both stubborn and tough inspired me in a different way. I enjoyed how they have overcome their struggle to reach their happy ending.

The appearance of other characters from the previous books was a bonus. I can still say that Mason is still my favorite character in the series and I enjoyed his appearance in here. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

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