Lone Star Burn: Love On Tap (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Judy Kentrus


30403860Title: Love on Tap
Author: Judy Kentrus
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: June 7, 2016
Pages: 134


my thoughts

Grayson Wolff was currently enjoying the success of the microbreweries he’d added to his family’s chain of roadhouses. Working and taking care of his nine-year-old nephew didn’t leave time in his life for a woman. That all changes when Malibu Barbie comes into the western style bar and orders a Pina Colada, with extra fruit. With her California tan and white shorts she sticks out like a rose among a field of cacti. He didn’t do one-night stands, plus he had too much going on in his life to get involved with a blond-haired bimbo. Causing a scandal was the last thing he needed. He was so close to achieving his personal goal, and no woman was going to mess it up.

Jennie Reynolds took this little vacation before she starts her new job. Driving a U-Haul cross country was a challenge and she’d never received so many middle finger insults in her life. A hot dog motorcycle driver cut her off and she missed her exit. Now she was at some honky-tonk bar in the middle of Fort Mavis, Texas. She was tired and annoyed, but the guy sitting next to her met numbers one through five on her, a-guy-must-have list: Long black hair, stone-gray eyes, tall, lean muscular body, and he was close to her age. Too bad she couldn’t stick around long enough for numbers six, seven and eight, great in bed.


my thoughts

This is the first time I ever read this author and I probably wouldn’t even try if the novel was not set on my favorite author’s kindle world. However, I can honestly say that after this one, I’m gonna check  other books written by this author.

For a novella, this gave all the feels of a regular length contemporary romance novel. I like the smooth flowing of the author’s writing. I also liked the maturity of the characters. When it comes to romance, I find that I tend to get sucked in or believe more the happy ending when the characters are a little older so this one kind of hit right up my alley.

I really enjoyed the story. There was no dull moment at all. I only wished the author could have shown Matt’s reaction to the truth behind Jennie’s condition at the end and also to the good news of his dad’s promise to him being fulfilled.

All in all, I’d say I loved all her characters and wish I could read more about them.


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