Forever Bluegrass #3: Forever Betrayed by Kathleen Brooks


29081310Title:Forever Betrayed
Author: Kathleen Brooks
Publication Date: May 9, 2016
Genre: Romantic Suspense

my thoughts

Zain Ali Rahman is in line for his country’s crown. Granted, he’s two names down the list, but it still meant he was in the family business of politics. While hosting an international summit in Keeneston, Zain just hopes to make a difference in the world by making it a safer place. What he didn’t count on was losing his heart and being betrayed by someone close to him.

Mila Thiessen has traveled the world as an interpreter for the German embassies. The last thing she expected in the small, quaint town of Keeneston was having her life put in danger for something she uncovers—something so powerful it could turn an entire country upside-down and topple kings. Turning to the one person Mila thinks she can trust results in losing her heart, but will she also lose her life?

my thoughts

Once again, reading a bluegrass series novel is like coming home. And every time I come home, I don’t want to ever leave, which meant I just wish I can keep reading about this series, each character, the place and simply anything Keeneston.

Dani is one of my most favorite character from this series. Reading about his son is such a joy. Kind of brings back the old times in my memory although it wasn’t very long ago when I read her story. As always, I loved how Kathleen weave her storyline. It’s really smooth and you get all the feels like you are actually there.And like her other novel, I like the way the characters’ feeling for each other was revealed.

This book has everything. A bit of drama, suspense, romance  and humor. The cafe never gets old and I can’t wait to read the rest of the characters. And as this is the third book, I’m getting the hang of remembering who is whose daughter or son.

Kathleen did an awesome job again. If I may dare, I’d say it’s getting better and better with every book.


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