Declare (Declan Reede: The Untold Story) by Michelle Irwin Reviewed



Title: Declare
Author: Michelle Irwin
Genre: Romance
Publication Date: April 9, 2016

my thoughts

Fly down the straight, fight for first, and keep the end in sight. In Declan Reede’s mind, the road ahead is free of doubt and indecision. He knows the path that he wants to travel, and that it can only be traversed with love at his side. He’s ready for it. Wants it. Only, as he races toward the finish line, old adversaries become new threats. Declan must overcome the past and face the challenges head on if he’s to claim the life he now believes he deserves. What will it take for him to declare his true desires? Will it be enough to claim the ultimate victory?

my thoughts

I felt like I went through the years with Alyssa and Declan as I read through this final book of their story. Although this one felt a bit slow paced compare to the other books but I guess it’s because their life in this book is much more stable than when they first started.

I love how the characters grew throughout the series. I love looking at Declan in this book and see how hs perspective differs from here and from then. The maturity and evolution each character came to was really inspiring and it felt amazing to be a part of their journey.

Though it’ probably highly irrelevant, being a fan of formula one, I had a new appreciation to the sport after reading Declan’s perspective as a racer and my respect for the pit crew grew up a notch.

Declan and Alyssa’s story will be among the books that I’ll probably read again once I find more time or just because. My gratitude and salute to the author for bringing to us such an amazing story and sharing with us the colorful life of Declan Reede.


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