Table For Two (Barrington Billionaires #2) by Jeannette Winters Reviewed



Title: Table For Two (Barrington Billionaires #2)

Author: Jeannette Winters

Release Date: March 19, 2016

my thoughts

Dean Henderson never backs down from a challenge. No matter the cost or the opponent, when it comes to business, if he wants it he gets it. No exceptions.

Tessa Brooks left her small town to get out of the spotlight of being the preacher’s daughter. Boston is the perfect place to blend in and finally be herself. A low profile job in the HR office of Poly-Shyn fits perfectly into the life she is creating for herself.When Dean takes over as the new CEO, sparks fly. Tessa grew up hearing about the difference between right and wrong, but no one ever told her that wrong could feel so good.

They belong together, but they might realize it too late.

There are consequences to loving a powerful man–and sometimes they’re deadly.

my thoughts

What I like most about these Barrington Billionaire series is that, not only was it written by three different authors but that it also shows events intertwined with each of the authors book and like people from real life that came from different places that came to know each other because of their life events and goals, these people met each other the same way. For me, it gave the feeling of not reading a novel but real life story too. And though the characters specially the male ones came from very well off families, their struggles were very much human that you can feel it touching your soul.

I like how Dean stood his ground to prove himself and prove to the people around him that he is not what they thought him to be. I like how Tess despite seeming to be ordinary did not cower to Dean even if he tried to intimidate her and over power her. I also like how the characters grow and how they came to resolve their differences and be together as a family in the end.

Also, I felt that Jeannette Winters’ writing improved again from how she wrote this novel to the previous one.

This book is not just romance, it’s more like it’s about family, about trying to prove oneself  and achieving your goals. Of setting your priorities and getting to know yourself in the process. If you love stories like that, this one is for you.


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