Tales of the Fifth Guardian #6: Thoran by C.M. Johnson Reviewed



Title: Thoran
Author: C.M. Johnson
Publication Date: November 2013

my thoughts

The vision that terrified Kerrisha at the end of Ascension comes to pass as Brindon’s attacks on the Tower continue. What terrible truth does she know about William?
As Brindon’s attacks escalate Kerrisha begins to plan a mission that will take them over the ocean and deep into Europe and Thoran territory, visiting new complexes of both the Triad Clans and the Lost Clans. Medical officer seems a natural position for Kerreth to hold as part of the Mission Team but why is he so worried about Keri’s planned route?
As Julie’s first mission as Keri’s Tesha Dayou, a mission about negotiating and diplomacy seems a good one for the young Tesha Dayou and David as her Tesha to gain some experience but can spending so much time among the Lost Clans really come without a cost?
But, before they leave, a surprise comes that even Kerrisha does not see and Jonathan lends his voice to the narrative to help tell his story. He has always seemed so easy going but we have yet to meet his family. What terrible secret is hidden in his past?
An Otlantesha dictionary and pronunciation key follows the story.

my thoughts

I finally made it to book 6. After the most awaited ascension in book 5, I wondered how they’ll do afterwards… Apparently, their powers become greater and maybe it’s also the reason why everybody seems to be speaking Otlantesha a lot. During the previous books, it was just normally said that they spoke Otlantesha most of the time but not really having the dialogue in Otlantesha. I guess I should have seen that coming but somehow it threw me off a tad specially when I can’t figure out right away what they were saying and have to consult the dictionary. Also, I don’t know if I got used to it by now but I found that Kerrisha’s vision doesn’t bother me anymore. Even when she tells part of what’s going to happen.

Here’s more of what I think about this particular volume of the series:

Plot and plot structure: 3 stars

I don’t know if it was because there’s less action in this book than the previous ones but I felt that the story went really slow. Add to that the fact that I sadly got curious about the timeline. I usually just read it but don’t really give a thought at which month or year they were in… However, I was shock to learn that it was only 2 years since the reign of the 5th guardian and this is the sixth book already. I think that kind of added to the feeling that the story was going somewhat slow.

Characterization: 4

Kerrisha – where in book 6 now and I still don’t like Kerrisha very much. I don’t think she and I will ever get along. But I admire her powers and all that amazing things she can do. It’s just that, I’ll probably never really relate to her character.

Kerreth – funny, but I don’t think I felt Kerreth very much in this book.

Jonathan – I guess what hooked me to read this book to the end, this time around, it’s Jonathan instead of Edwere. I feel like I really got to know him for the first time and well on this volume of the series. And his new relationship with his adopted niece/daughter was something that touched me.

Robert and Roger – It’s book 6 and yet sometimes, I still got confuse who’s who. But I like them both. I like how Robert has become an Ally (somewhat) I just hope nothing will happen that will changer their relationship. And Roger, I think I kind of feel annoyed at him during the first book but through the series, he seemed to becoming more reliable that I like him now.

Tomsant and William – They’re another interesting addition to this series. I know they’ve been in the previous two books too but I feel like I’ve gotten to know them on a more personal level in this book too.

The other characters from different clans add to the essence of the story and it’s nice to see them moving to the unification of all the clans. Although, I don’t think I’ll remember all of their names exactly as they are if new characters get added.

Setting: 5 stars
This is about the guardian and the clans and even though it’s set the same with the first book, I’m slowly understanding each clan more and more which in turn helped me to appreciate how this book was set.

This book feels a little different than the other books. I feel like this book really made a step to not only getting to know the characters more but also at learning about the clans as well. That or I’m just a little slow. All in all, seeing Jonathan in a new light had made me enjoyed this book all the more.

four star

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