Declan Reede: The Untold Story (Decline/Deceive) by Michelle Irwin Reviewed




Hold on tight, stick to the racing line, and watch for the corners.

Four years after making the decision to leave his home town behind, all of Declan Reede’s dreams have come true. Unapologetically foul-mouthed and well known for his off-track antics, his success seems unstoppable. At least until Queensland Raceway and a chance sighting of the girl who once held his heart. Now, getting around the track seems an impossible battle as he struggles to return to his previous form. With his career racing downhill faster than his V8 on Mount Panorama, there’s more than just his reputation on the line.

What will it take to put the brakes on his decline?

my thoughts

 After reading the prequel, I was really looking forward to reading this. The #0.5 volume of this book left so much to be desired that you really would want to jump in and read the next one right after finishing it.

I find this next installment to the series even much more intense than the introduction. The characters are far from being perfect but you can perfectly feel their emotions. Not only did the story progressed in this one, the characters have also grown from the previous volume to this one. Their development might not all geared to positive growth but that was what made more real and easy to relate too.

I really love how the story progressed. From a bit sweet and a little annoying teenagers going to the early stage of being an adult to actually being an adult with all the hang ups and the baggage, the story flowed very smoothly. Truth is, I have some misgivings about Alyssa during the beginning of the series but I have learned to admire her on this book. I felt heartbroken for Declan but somehow I want to blame him too.

But no, not really. The truth is I want to blame the Dad. I don’t know why none of them are questioning him but I felt like the way that Alyssa and Declan parted the way they was actually his fault and I keep wondering why none of them is shoving that truth in his (the dad) face.

I really really enjoyed the story. I feel along with the characters. The conflict was also very wonderfully woven that it didn’t feel like it was planted or manipulated. I may have cringe with the way Declan curses throughout the book but I heard that’s natural for Aussie’s but I don’t know I feel like he curses too much.

All in all, it was nice to witness the journey of Alyssa and Declan’s story and I can’t wait to see what more awaits them.



Straighten up, pull it around, and get back on the track.

Declan Reede’s life is in a tail-spin. Although he knows what he wants, he can’t see the road that will take him there. Wherever he turns, new secrets, lies, and half-truths threaten to send him crashing off-course. To deserve his family, he must fight his past mistakes and prove himself worthy.

But can someone out to deceive cost him the life he now craves?

**Due to strong language and sexual content not intended for anyone under age of 18**

my thoughts

And Declan’s story continues. I feel a little off track on how to write this review. I feel like I should edit my first review first… and all because the questions and misgivings I have from the first book was immediately answered at the beginning of this book. It’s as though the author had anticipated that this will happen. Well, she probably did and it’s probably planned to happen that way.

If I like the previous book, I’d say I loved this one. I can see a lot of improvement on Declan which made now look so endearing and lovable in my eyes. I love that he actually grow up on this book. I also love how Alyssa reacted on the way things were thrown her way.

Much as Flynn sound annoying at times, I also like the role he played into the story. Phoebe was so adorable too. Actually, I like how everyone played into the story including all the minor characters. I feel like it won’t be this good if you take out any one of them.

Aside from the revelations and reconciliation,  this book was also a journey of healing for Declan and much as he annoys me sometimes, I do feel his pains and am glad that he was slowly on the road to recovery. Or so I thought… I’m sort of nervous with the way this book ended and what might that mean for Declan and his road to recovery. And I’m keeping my fingers cross for Alyssa’s reaction to this another twist at the end.

Although this ended in another cliffhanger, I enjoyed this book so much even the cliffhanger made sense… if that make sense. I so want to read the next book right away. Michelle Irwin’s writing just pull you in and you wouldn’t want to stop unless you have it all.


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Decline: Amazon | Kobo | B & N

Deceive : Amazon | Kobo | B & N


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    • The first book I actually read was Happily Evan After it was a little bit on the funny/romantic side. This one is heavier but yes it’s a good place to start. I think the first book of this series is currently free, if you’re interested.


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