Talent: Descended from Myth by Erin Mcfadden Reviewed



Title: Talent
Author: Erin Mcfadden
Publication Date: November 28, 2015


Porter McGavin spends his nights lost in shattered memories of blood, sand, and ammunitions, and his days struggling to hold together the tattered shreds of his life. The combat veteran is barely surviving his battle scars when he’s offered a chance to once again have a future with purpose as a member of the Brotherhood of Guardians, an ancient group of warriors sworn to protect the mortal descendants of Muses. No more struggling to get by, no more fighting to fit in, Porter readily accepts a new way of life. But when he’s thrust into the role of Claire Montgomery’s Watcher, shadows from his past threaten to plunge them both into darkness.

Claire can’t shake the mistrust she holds for the Guardians. Too many were responsible for the years she lived in confinement and forced isolation. When new threats arise, she knows she needs protection, but will she be able to accept any Watcher, let alone one as damaged as Porter?

Forced to confront the secrets haunting them both, can they learn to trust each other before the Guardians fall?

my thoughts

I find this second book to the series a lot more interesting and engaging than the first one. Though Claire’s ability was deemed as less powerful than Anna’s I find what she could do highly fascinating.

At first I had questions with regards to Porter being a guardian but the author managed to answer those questions very well. There are also revelations from this book that had me hooked and couldn’t stop reading until I find out more.

What I enjoyed the most in this book was how the characters’ relationship evolved throughout the story. I also loved that there was growth and development not only to the story itself but also to the character’s personalities.

There was one teeny tiny bit of information though that was left hanging in my head that wasn’t really answered and since each book involves different sets of main characters, I’m not sure if it’ll get answered in the next book but I am hoping it will.

It’s with that scene with Porter trying to say something before they blew up. This will probably sound like an spoiler for those who haven’t read it yet but I can’t shake if off my mind. I felt like it was important and was essential to the story so I was sort of waiting for that to be revealed but it was not.

Still, even with that tiny bit, I thoroughly enjoyed every part of the story. It was a good read that involves a little of fantasy, myth, suspense and a hint of romance. I can’t wait for the next book to come out.


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  1. I haven’t heard of this one, but from your review it looks interesting! A little out of the normal of what I usually read, but I am trying to branch out! I see this books leaves you with some unanswered questions – but I see that it doesn’t really take away from the story! So glad you enjoyed!


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