Whisper of the Woods by D.G. Driver Reviewed





Juniper Sawfeather seems to have a talent for finding mythological creatures. Or maybe the creatures are finding her.

The mermaids she saved from the oil spill are long gone. There’s no evidence of them, and she’s been branded as a liar and a fake in the media and at school. Her environmental activist parents have moved on to a protest to save Old Growth trees from being chopped down. June isn’t particularly concerned with this cause until after falling asleep at the base of a giant tree she wakes to find herself 40 feet in the air on one of its branches!

From this point on she becomes obsessed with the tree, and it appears the tree is becoming obsessed with her too. Soon, she is trapped 170 feet above the ground, and the magical spirit that resides in the tree isn’t interested in letting her go free or allowing anyone else to save her. Is the tree spirit good or evil? Will Juniper’s feet ever touch the ground again?

my thoughts

Whisper of the Woods continues the story of Juniper Sawfeather’s adventure. The previous books left me hanging with a few questions that’s why I was really happy when I was requested to read this book.

From the first book, I really liked Juniper’s character. In fact, it was her character that had me hooked to the story. This book’s title gave the story justice. The event leading from Whisper of the Woods had me hanging to every page I almost feel sorry for myself when I have to put it down and face work. I want to find out what happened immediately.

The myths and legend about mythical trees was carefully woven to this story that it felt like seeing a myth coming to life. The author did a wonderful job at delivering a fantasy in a realistic and believable setting. Story wise, this book had me totally hooked.

I just have a few opinion with regards to the characters. There were times that I want to hate Juniper for being manipulated by the tree. That probably sound weird but I did feel that the tree manipulated her. But somehow, I understand why she did it too. Still, I have to agree with everybody that it was a crazy idea. I still have reservation about the best friend when I started reading this book and I honestly don’t like her. She’s immature and annoying and well, I guess she’s being her age. But I was glad to see her character developing in this book. The author had redeemed her well. And though my reservation about the mom isn’t all gone yet, I could say that her character was somewhat justified in this book too.

Carter on the other hand wants me to take away the liking I had for him from the first book. I felt like he was lacking and his side was not really explained well. I was almost waiting for June to ditch him and develop something with one of the guys helping her at the tree.

Aside from those, I like the family side of the story and how their relationship was developed through it all. I can’t wait for the next adventure that awaits Juniper especially with the way this book ended. The excitement from when I started reading was definitely not lost until I got to the last page. If ever, how the book ended made me look forward to reading the next one.


four star

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