One White Lie by Jeannette Winters Reviewed



Title: One White Lie
Author: Jeannette Winters
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 1, 2015


Brice Henderson traded everything for power and success. His company was closing a deal that would cement his spot at the top. The last thing he needed was a distraction from the past.

Lena Razzi had spent years trying to forget Brice Henderson. When offered the opportunity of a lifetime, would she take the risk even if the price would be another broken heart?

my thoughts

I’m at lost as how to write this review without spoilers but I’ll try my best not to. So….

One White Lie, the title alone makes you think of possibilities of what that title was about. Honestly though, I’ve read quite a lot of novels with the same premise of story. When I got a hit after a few chapters what the one white lie is, I kind of wonder how the author will take such a plot that will make it different than the others. Not comparing authors, but one of the stories with almost the same story line that I loved was written by Melody Anne and deep inside I wished it wouldn’t go the same way. And it did not. That part of the story was given justice very well and I’d say the author was able to make the plot her own even though it’s been commonly used and almost a cliché.

I was just a little disappointed with the lack of dialogues. I know narrations shape up the story. It’s what give foundation and backbone to take a story where you want to lead it to. It’s how you move forward. But for me, dialogues are the soul. It’s what gives life to a good plot. And I even tried to scroll through out the whole book after I was done reading to make sure I didn’t just imagine it and I noticed there are chapters without a single dialogue in it. Thoughts by the characters narrated are good, it gives clarifications as to how a character is feeling at a certain point and gives justice to their actions. But I felt like there are a lot of scenes that would have gone better if the characters were at least talking to somebody even if they do not want to talk with each other.

I have grown to love Jeannette Winter’s novels but I cannot say that I enjoyed this one as much as I did her previous novels. But don’t get me wrong, the story as a whole was still good even if I don’t like the way it was written. And I’d still definitely look forward to the next book in the series.


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