180 Days (Prairie Town) by T.E. Ridener Reviewed



Author: T.E. Ridener
Title: 180 Days
Length: 268 Pages
Genre: TransRomance


Lydia McIntosh left her old life behind when she said goodbye to Prairie Town, North Carolina and started over halfway across the country with her beloved Gran; away from her family, away from everyone who knew the person she once was, and from the identity she never quite wanted in the first place. When her grandmother passes away, she returns home and while she only intends to stay for the funeral, her grandmother has other plans, from the grave. Her will states that Lydia must remain in Prairie Town for six months in order to give her family and her old town a chance to get to know the new her, the real her.

Lydia has had years to adjust to long hair, summer dresses, and nail polish, but she understands her family will need time to get reacquainted with a daughter they’ve never known and a sister they’ve missed terribly. Anticipating the worst, as she always has, Lydia’s feelings about her old town begin to change when she meets her brother’s best friend, Callum. Callum is kind and more accepting than she could have ever imagined and she’s falling for him.

When her 180 days are over, will she be able to say goodbye to the family she’s missed so much? Will she survive her mother’s endless intolerance? Can she really leave the man who acknowledges her past and still wants her?

my thoughts

This book is on my 2015 reading challenge as part of books I don’t normally read. I’m not into M/M and LGBT romance. Not because of anything but just because they are not for me specially when it tends to be too graphic. Reading 180 Days made me think that transromances are not so bad. I’ve read a couple of M/M before but this is my first time reading a trans novel.

I can honestly say that I enjoyed the book as a whole. It’s quite informative too when it comes to the trans process – physically and emotionally. The story in general was good and smooth flowing and even though it’s also the first time for me to read this author, I found her writing really good and engaging. The characters were very individual that you can easily distinguish who’s who even if you take out the description of who’s talking. It’s why even my brain who’s so poor with regards to names easily picked up between Laney and Lydia which otherwise I could easily mixed up.

This book was almost like a fairy tale. Everyone was really accepting and nice except for the heroine’s mother. Which kind of bothered me. I’m not discriminating or anything but with the way Prairie Town was described I didn’t expect everything to be that easy for Lydia. I was expecting something like hesitation, doubt and confusion around the characters before the understanding and acceptance came. It’s acceptable with Callum since he’s in love but I expected at least that much from his parents and the other characters in the novel. It gave me the feeling that ‘this kind of story happens only in the movies’ kind of feel. Plus there was really no conflict between the hero and heroine which is something I expect for somewhat of a whirlwind romance like this one.

All that considered, reading 180 Days has been quite a nice experience for me. And if the author do writes a different genre, I won’t hesitate to give it a try.


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  1. Yes! I had the same thoughts about how easy it was for Laney as well. Glad its not just me. Also, this is the first book you read from TE? I really liked The Truth About Kadenburg. Its a shifter book if you are in to that kind of thing. 🙂

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