Cast in Blood by Michelle Rabe Reviewed



Title: Cast in Blood (Morgan Blackstone Vampire #1)
Author: Michelle Rabe
Released date: December 28, 2013
Book Length: 274 pages



To the outside world, Morgan Blackstone is an eccentric business woman. But, within her chest beats the undead heart of a 21st century vampire. Behind the doors of her nightclub, The Dracul, Morgan rules with an iron fist in a velvet glove.

After a long night of wrangling unruly supernatural customers, she is looking forward to some peace but unbeknownst to her, there are other vampires who are conspiring against her. Just before dawn, in the deserted parking lot, she comes face-to-face with two old adversaries, one of which she had last seen being sealed in a tomb, 400 years before.

Overpowered by her attackers, Morgan wakes inside the lab of an unscrupulous doctor. Held against her will, subjected to experiments, she soon realizes that something has begun to burn within her veins

Something that she knows will kill her.

my thoughts

I haven’t read a vampire book in a long time… This book is the only vampire book I’ve read in 2015. I’ve shied away from the genre because I got bored with all the plot and I felt as though the genre itself have nothing more to offer. Then I saw a teaser for the second book of this series that got me really curious and wanting to read it. And of course, series should be started with the first book.

Looking at originality and uniqueness I’d say this book is a winner in that aspect. It’s certainly have something different from all the vampire novels I have read before. It’s also not just about a romance between a vampire and a mortal. It involved a lot of other things and other beings.

Sadly though, that lot of other things was what made it hard for me to get engaged into the story. All vampire novels though most run a certain plot like a formula have a unique background of where they based their kind of vampire. This book had that too (maybe). The problem was that, I was expecting that history or ‘vampire ancestry’to be portrayed if not as an introduction at least little by little until you get the whole idea before you read the end. It didn’t have that. I felt so lost as to what they are aside from being well, a vampire. It was as if there was suppose to be a prequel that somebody has forgot to mention to me about. Even after reading the first book, I don’t have an idea what Dynasties and Nomads were. Well, of course I have a general idea but I’m not sure how they exactly mean in this certain vampire story. There are also other terms with regards to the hierarchy of authority mentioned that I wish was elaborated a little more.

Aside from that, I felt that the story was a bit slow. I don’t get why the heroine kept dodging telling the people that matter to her what exactly happened to her. I was more than half the book yet I didn’t feel like the story moved forward that much. It wasn’t until I was at 70% of the book that I felt progress and that alas! the story is going somewhere.

In all fairness, that 30% of the book was quite exciting and eventful it gave me hope at what book 2 might bring even though at this point I’m still undecided if I want to find out. But I have the book already so I might give it another chance.

Character wise: I liked how the characters were portrayed even though I didn’t like how they acted and reacted. I don’t know if that makes sense. Morgan for example, she’s very independent and even though she’s romantically involved with another vampire, her life does not necessary revolve around that other vampire. Nicholas sounds mysterious, and if there’s something that would make me want to read book 2 it’s probably to find out more about his character and his being the Lead Enforcer. The other characters Marcus, Christophe and.. Charles? Sorry I forgot the exact name but there’s a nice camaraderie between all of them that was quiet fun to watch.

With regards to the romance side of it all, I didn’t quite feel that Nicholas and Morgan really loved each other even though they said it to each other quite a lot. It’s as though they just got used to telling that to each other over the centuries.

If you’re a fan of vampire novels and is familiar with all the possible type of the lot that there is, and looking for something different, this maybe for you.


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