The Touch : Cotiere Chronicles #2 by Michelle Bolanger Reviewed

KDP cover the touch

Alexander Koch lives a life most men would kill for. As the sole heir to his family’s enormous wealth, he enjoys the finer things in life despite the crippling pain that increases with every passing day. Until he meets the one he’s intended for. The one whose slightest touch makes the pain vanish. But after a chance meeting at the first Gathering of their kind, the girl runs from him in terror. Now he’s willing to spend every last cent to find her.

Jessalyn Vogt escaped her father’s controlling ways and has settled into a simple life, caring for her horses and brewing coffee for her customers. Until Alexander Koch tracks her down. She wants nothing to do with his arrogance, his money, or the undeniable attraction drawing her to him. But she knows she is the only one who can relieve him of the horrible pain racking his body.

The Cotiere has been reunited, but that was the easy part. Greed and old traditions threaten to tear it apart again. Trust has been compromised and hidden agendas are destroying the fragile truce between parents and children. It’s in the hands of the new counsel to keep it together, even if it means some must be willing to lose everything.

Her head dropped, and Alexander glanced around the room. A riot of color and shape brightened the space in a chaos of flowers and greenery. Nearly every table had a large vase or basket of flowers in the center of it.
Pleased with the result, he cleared his throat. “Is there a problem?” He watched her draw a deep breath before her head slowly rose and her eyes found him. He did his best to keep the smug grin from taking over his face, but he couldn’t. She looked so bewildered he couldn’t help it.

“You?” Her head fell again, and she pushed back from the counter. “How did I not know?” She picked up the vase and moved it to the short counter above the register before looking his way.


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my thoughts

From book 1 of this series, Alexander has left a soft spot in my heart. I know from then that there’s more to him than meets the eye and has been looking forward to reading his story ever since.

This second installment to the Cotiere Chronicles (which by the way, I still don’t know exactly how to pronounce) did not disappoint. Although, this book may not be as intense as the first one, it’s complete with romance, humor and has event a taste of fantasy.

I loved all the characters in this book. Aside from Alexander, his friend Peter and the heroine Jessalyn was all fun to read. I love the Matches and gunpowder reference for the hero and heroine. In a nutshell, I think it described the two of them quite appropriately. I also loved how Alexander exerted every effort to win Jess and how Jess reacted to those efforts.

Plot wise, this book had shed a better light to what The Cotiere is about as a whole. Although I feel that there’s still a lot I need to learn to fully understand what they are. The author’s note at the back was also quite helpful to understand the terms that was so greek to me during the first book.

I really enjoyed reading about Alexander and Jess and I’m looking forward to finding out what the next book has to offer.




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