Cry of the Sea by D. G. Driver Reviewed




Juniper Sawfeather is choosing which college to attend after graduation from West Olympia High School next year. She wants to go to San Diego to be far away from her environmental activist parents. They expect her to think the way they do, but having to be constantly fighting causes makes it difficult to be an average seventeen-year-old high school student. Why do her parents have to be so “out there?”

Her feelings on the subject are changed when she and her father rush to the beach after a reported oil spill. As they document the damage, June discovers three humans washed up on the beach, struggling to breathe through the oil coating their skin. At first she thinks they must be surfers, but as she gets closer, she finds out that these aren’t humans at all. They’re mermaids!

Now begins a complex story of intrigue, conspiracy and manipulation as June, her parents, a marine biologist and his handsome young intern, her best friend, the popular clique at school and the oil company fight over the fate of the mermaids.

my thoughts

I like how these novel was a mixture of fantasy and sci-fi. I know it’s young adult but to me it’s a YA Sci-Fantasy Fiction. Aside from that it tells pretty well a life of an average high school student who’s having a hard time to belong with people her age due to things that immature kids does.

At first, when the mermaid was mentioned I thought the story would dive into discovering new world and all that. It did too, but the author did it in a way that is realistic and can be explained through human norms. The way the people reacted in the story can’t be doubted as to how people of today would react if something similar would happen.

As this also tells some of the struggles of adolescent going through the phase of wanting to be out in the shadow of their parents as well as surviving school, I’d say it’s easy to relate to. For I believe that all of us had been through the same struggle at some point of our lives.

The only thing that kind of bothered me was the way the mom, the scientist and the best friend was portrayed. I can’t exactly see how the author wants the reader to perceive them. The mom sounded a bit fake to me who really wants glory and not just this cause she was fighting for. Then at the end she suddenly became a very dear mom who’s very supportive of her daughter. The transition of her character was not played well and got me a bit confuse of how I’ll view her. The best friend on the other hand, I felt like she should have done a litte grovelling before she was forgiven. I can’t believe that everything just became okay. Or maybe because I’m this mean, vengeful person that’s why I can’t accept it’s possible. The scientist, I wonder what happened to him after everything calmed down.

I’m not sure if this is a series but the end of the book shows promise of more adventures to come that could may be give clarifications and answers that this book left behind.

All in all, it was a nice read and  enjoyed going through the adventure with Juniper.

four star

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  1. Thank you for the review! There is, in fact, a sequel, Whisper of the Woods, coming out in November, and I’m working on the 3rd book. June will continue to struggle with her mom and Hayley in book two, and Dr. Schneider will reappear in book 3.


  2. This sounds interesting! I’ll have to put it on my wishlist. I really need to stop reading reviews of books, I’ll never get to the bottom of my pile at this rate. 🙂


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