One-click Favorite: Author Ruth Cardello


I promised myself I would do a feature on my blogs once a month about authors who are my one-click on amazon. I finally found the time to start that feature today. I pick Ruth Cardello to be the first because she’s the author that opened the door to reading Indie for me as well opening a book blog. So here goes…

How I came across Ruth Cardello and Maid for the Billionaire.

To those who are not yet familiar with her, Maid for the Billionaire was her first book. It was year 2012 when I found Abby and Dominic’s love story. My kindle was new and I just learned that the authors that I know about have their books on amazon at prices that are impossible for me. So I did the only thing I can do during those times, search for free books on Amazon. And there were loads of them!

Maid for the Billionaire was one them. And out of all the free ones I downloaded, I decided to read it first because of the cover. I rarely choose a book by their covers. But I love purple (MFTB used to have purple cover) and the old cover just caught me and I started digging in. It’s not very different from other books that I’ve read. I’m fairly certain that I’ve read a book before that have almost the same plot. However, there’s something about the way Ruth Cardello wrote it that I became enamored with the series. That’s where it all started. After reading that, I can’t sit still until I read the next one and when a new book of hers is out, I definitely need to one-click it immediately.


Why do I love Ruth Cardello?

When it comes to her novels, I’d say, what’s not to love? She is an amazing story teller. There’s something in the way she put the words together that I feel them in my heart. And I love that each novel is not only about the hero and the heroine achieving their happy ever after. It’s about family, friendships, about learning who you are, getting through life’s hurdles and becoming a better you. Much more than the love story, I find myself looking forward to those words of wisdom each book of hers offer. Reading her books not only bring entertainment but a piece of advice or reminder of the things that matter in this life time that we usually take for granted.

As an author, she’s a class act. I wish more authors act and behave the way she does. This indie world is not that big and I saw some people who keeps biting each other’s head off. With her, it’s always positivity and love floating around. I never saw post a single negative thing about an author, a reader, a blogger or a reviewer. I never saw her engage on a negative review or ask her street team to do that. As a blogger those are big deal. I’ve experienced being attacked by street teams because I was being honest on my reviews. As a reader, she’s really an inspiration. More so, I love the Serenity Chronicles she usually post. Those are like a ray of sunshine on a bad day. She’s also very generous. Not only with tangible means but more of the intangible ones. You can always see her posting appreciations to her readers, encouraging wanna be writers (I saw people actually thanking her for helping them) and spreading positivity.

I don’t know about you but for me, an author’s attitude impacts whether or not I’ll keep buying her/his books. If the behavior offends me, I don’t hesitate to walk away. And with Ruth, I don’t ever see that happening.

Getting to know her more…


I actually planned for doing an interview to make this part more meaningful and well believable but I know she’s a real busy person and I’m to shy to ask if I can feature her. I don’t want to take her time away from writing just to indulge me to have something I could put on m blog. But I really want to share more about her so I’m sharing an interview she did with Huffington Post before. If she ever read this, I hope you don’t mind.

Ruth Cardello: From School Teacher to New York Times Best Seller

If you really want to get to know her more, you can follow here on social media. Below are her links:

Facebook | Twitter | Amazon

If you haven’t try any of her books, I highly recommend you give it a shot. All the first books in two of her series are free/ Links are below.

Legacy Series Book 1: Maid for the Billionaire

The Andrades Book 1: Come Away with Me


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