The Andrades #3: Maximum Risk by Ruth Cardello Reviewed



Max Andrade: Rich, bold, unapologetic. He is a man who doesn’t hear the word no until he meets Tara. In his obsession to have her, he’ll offer her anything except his heart.
Tara Holmes: Outspoken, hardworking, levelheaded. She makes her living by exposing unfaithful spouses. She doesn’t believe in love, especially not with a man who sees her as nothing more than a challenge.
When Madison D’Argenson hires Tara to uncover the truth about Aunt Patrice, Tara is pulled into Max’s world.
How far would you go to help a man who doesn’t want to be helped?
And how long would you give yourself over to the pleasure of his touch if you knew it would end as soon as he discovered your lie?
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my thoughts
In Come Away with Me, that journey to Isola Santos where all four of the brothers made a truce made me see Max as a ray of sunshine between the four of them. Maybe it was because he always tried so hard to break the tension with his carefree attitude. In home to me, I’ve seen him as someone who seems to be running away from something. Like when things gets tense his immediate reaction was to check where the exits are and which one of them would be his easiest escape. In the start of this book, I felt lonely on how he had become, he was detached, cold and he seemed to have lost all his faith in humanity. It was both heartbreaking and annoying. Heart breaking because it was such a sad way to live a life. Annoyed because I believed he was better than that and the way he was thinking had me disappointed… So disappointed that if I could, I would get inside the book and slap him awake.

Then came Tara… and things started to change.

Tara was almost just like him, she have lost her faith in men. The difference though was that she can still see love exist when it is shown in front of her and believe that not everyone is the same. I like Tara’s character, the way she tried to stick to her beliefs and said no to Maddie in continuing what she asked her to do – which is we all know, denying Maddie what she wants ain’t easy, the way she braved walking away from Max when there was nothing else she could do.

As I read along, I love how Max slowly turned back to the man I believe him to be. Which was a great relief because his stubbornness is something that is hard to contend with. I like how each of the brothers have slowly learned to reach out. I guess that made it true that love can heal wounds. The tension building up as I go reading through the story made me anxious. Family feud is really a messy business and no doubt that Maddie take to be her responsibility to make it messier. Most of the time, I wish something would happned that will show Maddie how wrong she had been about Patrice, but it felt wrong to see Maddie being wrong about her intuition and really, I don’t what to see her faith on her family shattered. Maddie had me torn and confused and guessing too about what might everyone be hiding and why all the tension. As it is, the answer is still out there waiting to be uncoverd and knowing that Alethea had a part in uncovering that made me all the more look forward to what’s in store on the next book.

Aside from all the Andrade tension, the building romance between Max and Tara had me in a roller coaster. I loved the part where Tara saw Max in better light on that drunken night… how Max made Tara find herself once again, how they both pick up their selves and learn how to trust people again.

And of course, I can’t forget about the minor characters. I think how the minor characters play a great value of giving the story a whole new light is what Ruth’s books set it apart. This time around it was waffles. Waffles and pies always make everybody happy. I think that’s something I will never forget. It was simple, non-sense,  yet it made sense. And I know it was what made Max see sense too.

The Max in the end of this story is someone who made me feeling proud, happy and satisfied on how he turned out to be.

To an Andrade, family is everything. And I believe there’s a lot more about that everything that we are yet to uncover in the next book and of course from Maddie. Because Maddie will always be Maddie. She can be too much to handle at times, but in the end you can’t help loving her for the way that she is and the way the she loves her family. And hey, I still want to know and is looking forward to what happened to the matchmaking bets between the ladies.


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