27 Facts About Me


Since it’s supposedly my Birthday today according to my birth certificate, let me post something about me. Technically this is a repeat post since I posted something alike a few years back. This is however a viral stuff on facebook so I’m doing a cross-post here with a few additions.

Without further ado… Here are 27 Facts About Me

1. I AM A DREAMER. I list down the things that i wanted to become, i wanted to have, places i want to go, etc. Last i check, my list has now doubled from when I first wrote this and I ticked about just three of them off. Yeah, that made me feel like I’m such a loser.

2. MATARAY. The first impression most people have on me. I guess I am. You can add suplada and maldita to the list too.

3.THOUGHTFUL(daw).Well, I know i’m not a kind person. that’s one word I would never associate with myself but I do know how to care and appreciate people who matters to me.

4.LOYAL. This one pertains to me being a friend and a fan. I don’t easily become either. But once I do, I stay true. For always. Believe that you can count on me no matter what.

5.Okay.. the next one is something I’m not really proud of but it’s a very distinct character of mine. I’m pretty good at holding grudges. It take a whole lot before I get angry and before my patience wears off but when I do, I don’t easily forgive either. but hey! I’m trying my bestest to change. And by the grace of God, I know in due time, I will.

6.BULLIED. I was always the center of bullying when i was in grade school and high school. Recently I met someone who just made me realized how this thing affected my character. But well, that’s been ages ago and I actually want to thank the people who did that to me. Because of them, I am tougher than how I look.

7. CLOSET BIPOLAR.I dunno if there is such a thing, but now I’m telling you guys that there is. hahaha! Dear folks and friends, it’s high time you know that I’m actually crazy. And I mean next level kind of crazy and not the usual one. Though some of you probably know that already. Others have seen how it worked and some of you guessed that I am. Don’t worry though… pretty much I am just crazy, not insane.

8. I have two birthdays. Sometimes I forgot which one should I use in signing documents.

9. I am a FRUSTRATED EVERYTHING… writer, painter, photographer, artist and what have you.

10. I LOVE SINGING and music. the problem is, music in any form doesn’t seem to like me. I am the worst person anyone could ask to sing. That is why nobody dared to. lol!

11. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT JAPAN. I have this belief that I was Japanese in my past life even if my eyes would negate that. But then my twin from my past life have to be Japanese too for that to be a fact. (Hi, Kambal Cherry Anne , so what do you think? ) If not in my past life, I’m sure I am in my next one.

12.A POSITIVE PERSON. I am positive in almost everything in as much as me being a frustrated everything.

13. I don’t like having “what ifs”. Like what I’ve read a few days ago, regret is such a pointless emotion, and I agree.

14. I AM RAFAEL ROSELL FAN. He is my first celebrity crush and that’s way before he even became a celebrity- or at least he’s not yet a celebrity actor then. And we just turned 13 years last August. Hahaha! And yeah, that’s our little secret. So please… ssshhhhhh!

15. BOOKS MAKE ME HAPPY. Well, movies does too. But if you want to interest me, talk about books and I’ll be on the roll. I really love reading. I don’t even have a favorite genre, it only have to be interesting.
16.BARKING DOGS AND LIGHTNING. They are two things i am really really afraid of.

17. I hate cats in as much as i hate backstabbers and tupperware people.

18.I’m not really into sweets, but I love dark chocolates, truffles, mango cheesecake ice cream from DQ, blueberry cheesecake (or even just cheesecake), pizza, lasagna and pretty much anything that got cheese on it. But no, I believe I’m not a cheesy person.

19. I LOVE TO WRITE. I am a wanna be writer although lately, my writing took a different form. If I am not lazing around though, I find myself trying to finish a novel until the wee hours of the night or morning. Hopefully I’ll be done with it soon and more hopefully it’ll end to be somethin’ good.

20. I Hate the taste of ketchup in the morning. Fried Spam. Hotdogs, Sausages, eggs, all taste better with ketchup. But for some reason, my stomach can’t handle the taste of ketchup in the morning.

21. I’m an OLD SOUL. I’ve always think older than my age. Most of the time, I felt like I was born in the wrong era. Hahaha! That’s why I have lots of friends that are way older than me too. I even love classic movies, novels and songs. Yeah, definitely born in the wrong generation.

22. I LOVE THE SMELL OF PAPER. In this generation where,e-stuffs are everywhere, I’d say that still, nothing will beat the smell of books new or old. That smell of paper is just pure awesomeness. Not just books though, stationaries (that also seems to be outdated now) notepads, etc.

23. Hate Late. That sounds like a pizza ad but it’s true. I hate being late. When I have an appointment and I know I’m running late, my stress level rockets to the moon. I hate cramming too.

24. Straightforward. I’m an opinionated person and I tend to say my thoughts out loud. You can see me ranting about my general opinions on social media but when it concerns a person, I tell it straight on their face. I don’t sugarcoat stuff. When I became a working girl though, I found out that not all people like that. They’d rather be lied and talked behind their back than hear the truth. Well, not from me. And I expect people to be the same towards me.

25. I love sunsets, sunrise, and the stars. Every time I see sunrise, I am reminded of God’s blessing of a new day, sunsets on the other hand reminds me that whatever it is I am going through, it shall pass too. That and the beautiful scenery that sunrise and sunsets bring that just bring a different calmness within me. And though I only know a couple of constellations, there’s a beauty in watching the stars on a moonless night that just shows how great the Lord above is.

26. I love the beach. There’s a snag though about me loving the beach… I don’t know how to swim. It is ironic because I live in a place where there’s a lot of beach. I tried learning to swim, I really did but everytime I do, I end up drowning. So far the sake of having a longer life, I stopped trying.

27. OBSESS WITH LIST. I have a list of my dreams, a list of my book collections, cd collections. I love to jot down stuffs and they end up to be something’s list, like this one you just finish reading right now.

Well, that’s all folks.

Signing off for the night,


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