PBB All In: Housemates Reviewed




This is probably the only season of PBB that I have been this involved and attached. Well it’s also because it’s the only season that I am able to watch the show live 24/7. You can hardly call it 24/7 because of all the times the logo was on standby.

Today, I would like to share my analysis of the remaining housemates based on what I’ve seen on the live stream. And to all who’ll be reading this, I extend my disclaimer to all of you. All succeeding statements are my opinion based on my observation of the show. I tried to be very openminded when writing this so I hope you’ll do the same as you read through.

“Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.” – Abraham Lincoln

At this point of the show, I believe that all of the remaining housemates have been true to their selves. After all the tasks, challenges and pressures that they have gone through, I do believe that they have bared their selves to the public thus making all of them deserving to be part of the Big Four. There are however, some who deserves it more than the others. Not because of not being real but because these people are more fearless to baring their characters and staying true to that character, even if they know they will be judged and hated not only by the people outside but also by the people they share a roof with.

Vickie Rushton. I admire her beauty. The Lady Mahinhin of the house was indeed an embodiment of those words. The only problem with it was that, she’s too quiet and too ‘mahinhin’ that I hardly notice her. She’s like a decoration floating around the house. But then again, that was probably because she was overshadowed by the other housemates with strong personality (Aina, Michele etc). I believe she was able to express herself more when these housemates were gone. And this act of self-expression was both in a good and bad way. I’ve seen her became more responsible with the tasks and the chores when all of the other Ates were gone. She even learned to talk more about herself and about her showbiz boyfriend Jason Abalos, earning her haters in the process. Like what Vice Ganda said when he entered PBB, I don’t think there’s anything wrong in having a crush on somebody else even if you’re in a relationship. It would only be wrong if you act on it that would result to unfaithfulness. I couldn’t even care less if it’s true that she like Daniel Matsunaga. But I find it offensive for Jason Abalos for her to talk about her complains on the relationship they have on national television when his boyfriend doesn’t even have an idea she was feeling that way. That was just too personal and something that should be left and discussed in private.

Manolo Pedrosa. I think Manolo was the housemate who was hyped during the show’s kick off simply by being Chinito. Apparently, his feel inside the house is about as big as his eyes are opened. The only shining moment I could remember about him was the lapis task which was ages ago. He’s like a drift wood in a river that just goes with the flow. And oh, yeah the recently concluded ‘The PBB Big Concert’ was also a shining moment for him. These couple of task has shown what Manolo can achieve when he is powered by determination. Who would have thought I’d ever enjoy seeing Manolo dance? That dance number was one good surprise that made Manolo’s standing on my book went up a notch. And yes, the budding romance between him and ex-housemate Nichole was something to look forward to once the show was over.

Daniel Matsunaga. The Hunk of the World – a tagline that suits him very well. However, he’s too much of a hunk already that I think he seriously needs to stop obsessing on his work outs. They’ve been eating vegetable for weeks that he lost so much weight he is now all muscles and it doesn’t suit him anymore. He looked way better when he entered the house than he is now. Beyond his physical attributes though, his being responsible with the chores and seriousness to succeed each weekly task was admirable. I think his best shining moment was during that kasambahay task when he chose to stand up with the teens. It was during that moment that the world was given a glimpse of the tender person that lies beneath those hard muscles. There were times however that I find him acting all-knowing during their task. When through his actions he’s delivering the silent message, ‘we could have done it better if we did it my way’. Aside from being Mr. Know it all at times, I don’t have anything against Daniel.

Maris Racal. For me, she’s the Filipina look alike of Kobayashi Ryoko, a Japanese actress I love. That’s how she caught my attention. I admired her during the first couple of weeks in PBB. However, as time went by I slowly lost interest in her. She lacks personality that was usually found from previous PBB seasons. She’s not competitive, she’s not even confrontational. She just go along with what the majority decided even if it’s not what she truly think it should be. That guitar task she was recently given, though many would say it was a bit unfair and too hard for her, for me it was exactly what Maris needed. For once, I’ve seen that there’s more to Maris that just another driftwood floating around. For once she had shown that she could push herself to achieve what might me an impossible task for her if she gave her effort and work an extra mile. So yeah, maybe she just needed more opportunity to show the world what she’s made of. As of now though, I still wish she could show more of herself. The recently concluded PBB Big Concert was another bout of disappointment for me. I expected her to shine during that task. It was after all what she’s all about inside the house – an entertainment. But she failed when on the first production number her voice sounded flat, that performance with her family was too fast and her emotion was all over the place that it was distracting to watch and once again another flat and out of tune for the next numbers. Yes, she probably needs more workshops. But the thing is it was a task, and the audience was not even a crowd but three people, I expected her to rise up to that challenge with flying colors. You might contest though that I just expected too much from her and I probably did. But their PBB journey is almost over, she should grab every opportunity to show the world that she’s not just about face, nor singing and dancing, it high time to prove that she has character worthy of being called a Big Brother housemate. After all, that’s what PBB is all about.

Loisa Andalio. If Manolo was hyped during kick-off, Loisa was the most judged and hated simply because she answered Bianca’s question about what she like in a guy before she entered the house. Personally, I think a lot of people have been harsh to her even before they even get to know her. Then the issue about the ‘kuto’ and Joshua being too close came, earning her haters and the ‘higad’ comment. I’m neither her fan nor a hater but I think those words were just too harsh. To take that kuto against her was just too much. Just like what Aina said, “Huwag kang umiyak, Loisa. Kuto lang yon.” It was unfair to be bashed like that just for something most kids went through. And seriously, I don’t think that thing with Joshua was malaswa  or ‘Maloishua’ as others coined it. I even find it cute. However, I could never understand the need to always talk to other housemates about Jane behind her back. She did it with Nichole, and when Nichole was out she did it with Vickie. While I think it was unfair the way people have judged her, I also find it unfair the way she judged Jane when she never really opened her door to get to know Jane.  For some reason, I don’t think it will ever happen as long as Joshua is in the house. Joshua will always be that wall that will come between Jane and Loisa. I wouldn’t want to comment about that knife issue because I wasn’t able to watch it, I do hope though that PBB airs it even just for the sake of clearing the air. I only wished Kuya was a bit fairer with the others. I never seen her got punished for breaking the ‘house rules’ when she has clearly broken so many. It was a disappointment on the show and not really to her. It earned her the title “Favorite ni Kuya” and honestly I can’t blame the viewers for thinking so.  Disregarding how different Loisa treats Jane infront of her and behind her (you PT viewers probably don’t have an idea what I’m talking about), disregarding her laziness at times, and disregarding her unexplainable relationship with Joshua (because she always say she find Joshua irritating but still she’s always beside him getting playful with him) I honestly think Loisa is worth watching. I find her character interesting enough to understand why she made it to being a housemate. She’s even funny at times. Plus she’s still young. Her actions are that of a typical fifteen year old that needed guidance. I would love to see Loisa bloom into a much better person once maturity started to grow on her. With Loisa, I hate the acts but not the person.  At this point, I just wish she would stop singing ‘Oh Mickey’ and that Jeepney song.

Fifth Solomon. The turtle that came out of the shell. From the earlier weeks, I admired how Fifth was not afraid to speak his mind. Plus his jolliness and positivity is very contagious. He smiles when he’s happy, scream when he’s afraid, confront others when he needs to not caring if he looks stupid doing so or if other people think it’s annoying. I think it’s his turtle self that got me. Unlike the turtle though who seem shy, always hiding in its shell, Fifth was the turtle who was made strong by the heavy shell he carry on his back. To bare yourself to the world the way he did was not easy. I could imagine how scared he must have been but he was able to surpass that. I even felt that that comment that pressured him to come out was not a comment from people outside but from the show’s staff in order for him to reveal his unspoken identity. I almost hated Big Brother for giving Fifth that kind of pressure. I must say that Fifth had surpassed that phase of his life with flying colors. Fifth is someone who is not afraid to show his emotion. That made the difference between him and fourth. Because of Fifth Solomon, I don’t think I’ll ever look at a turtle the same way again.

Joshua Garcia. Many say that Jane was the most controversial housemate of this season. I beg to disagree. I would say it’s Joshua who’s really controversial, and Jane was the fall out person of those controversies. I initially like Joshua, when he was just Joshua the probinsyano guy. I admired his ability to forgive his parents for what they did when he was a kid, I admired how he managed to see life in beauty despite those bitter chapters of his life. I liked how when everyone think Loisa was ‘kadiri’ because of kuto, he just shrug if of as nothing because he once had it too. I liked him when he stayed true to Jane and accepted her as a friend even when others closed their doors to getting to know her. Those traits of Joshua made him truly admirable. However, it seems that things got out of hand when his feelings for Jane went from being friends to something more.  I honestly think that his playfulness with the girls (most especially Jane) was not something to be really bothered about. It just became a fuss because the older housemates think it wasn’t right based on their standard of what was right. I’ve watched previous seasons and seriously? I think what Joshua and Jane, or what Joshua and Loisa have between them was totally nothing. It’s just that, the other housemates were being too self-righteous and too condemning just because they are older and they believed that they knew better. For me this touchy issue was really nothing. It was just played up ugly on primetime that people put malice on it. The proximity of people inside the house were not really what you will say normal. So what’s normal outside can’t be really applied inside. For as long as they know what they are doing, and what they are getting into I think the problem was not really with the housemates but with the viewers. I am not saying though that everything Joshua did was okay. I hated when he was being too possessive and overly jealous. Girlfriend or not, it was very selfish to limit the circle of other people just for the sake of your feelings. That was where Joshua stepped out of his boundaries. And I don’t even think Joshua is really in love. More like he’s in love with the idea of being in love. I’m not saying that it’s not possible because he’s just sixteen. I’ve seen it happen to my friends, from being high school sweethearts when we were sixteen to getting married when we were twenty six. It’s not because they are inside the house too. You and I have seen it happen that true love can indeed be found inside the house. But Joshua is just another teen ager. His previous relationship has proven that he’s still too young to handle a relationship. He still has so much room to grow, so much to explore in his life before he could be sure of his feelings.  I also think he should stop assuming Jane’s stand on this matter. The recently concluded task for nomination has proven that. Why Loisa? In as much as I want to understand his reason for doing so, I just can’t comprehend it. Choosing Loisa after telling Jane he loves her. What is his point exactly? This early he is already contradicting his words and his action. Plus his being lazy is absolutely annoying. I hate that he knows he is lazy but doesn’t really do anything about it. They’ve been inside for months already and his maturity was still the same from when the show has started. Did he not learn anything at all? I think it’s high time for Joshua to do some self-reflection and try to fix his own self before he fix his part of life that involve somebody else.

Jane Oineza. The housemate that earned almost every other issue inside the house. People say that she’s too  ‘touchy’ and malandi because of the proximity she has with Joshua. I, on the other hand think that she’s been harshly judged based on our parameters of what is right and what is normal. In her showbiz world those actions were no big deal. It was just our malicious minds that put a different color to those actions. As I’ve said above, previous PBB housemates have done so much more. I previously wrote something about Jane that at this point, I feel it would be bias to say more. But then I do love Jane. And it’s not because she is a celebrity but because of what she is underneath her celebrity status. She’s very simple and humble and the love she has for her family is overwhelming. I like it when she said that she wants her suitors to meet her parents first. That showed how much she respected her mom and dad. She has proven how true she is inside the house numerous times. That task where she didn’t choose any one, was commendable. And I am honestly thankful she didn’t choose Joshua. I may love Jane but I’m not blinded of her faults inside the house. Yeah, she probably should have exerted more effort to reach out to the other housemates even if she felt they didn’t like her. When you walk a mile and nothing has happened, walk the extra mile. But it’s probably too tiring on her part as well, continuously reaching out to people who didn’t want to be reached and accept you for what you are, that was tough. And yes, I do hope she would stop getting near Joshua. Her reputation preceded what she really is because of her relationship with Joshua.  It time for her to see that Joshua doesn’t want friendship and she should be straighter with him so he would stop assuming things. I sometimes wish she could just be straightforward about it and tell Joshua no. Her being too nice to Joshua is causing all these confusions and false hopes to the people outside who believed that she and Joshua do have ‘something’. Still, it is admirable how Jane manage to rise up amidst all the challenge, pressure and issues she had been through. When I try to put myself in her shoes, I imagine myself just doing a voluntary exit and say ‘to hell with all of this’. But Jane, she’s been in the crucible of the judgment of her house mates and the people outside yet she managed to shine through. Where ever her PBB journey leads her, one thing is definitely sure; she will shine like a diamond, polished and made perfect by all the cuts she had been through.

Their PBB journey is almost at its end. For the past three months, they have given us a roller coaster of emotion. We cried with them, get annoyed with them, rejoiced with them, love some of them, others hated a few of them. Now that the battle is almost over, how it ends is left in our hands. I have given more than my two cents about all of them along with my support and understanding. All I can say now is, PLEASE VOTE WISELY!

Valerie Shyne