Random Thoughts: PBB Big Winner: Why Jane Oineza


“You have to accept whatever comes and the only important thing is that you meet it with courage and with the best that you have to give.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


I haven’t blogged in ages but today, please allow me to take a moment and talk about one of the personalities from the most famous house in the Philippines..  the Pinoy Big Brother house’ (All In Edition) very own Jane Oineza.

I haven’t been this passionate on the show since PBB Season 2. So why Jane Oineza?


Before she entered the PBB House, Jane said in an interview that she wouldn’t change herself just so people will like her. And I learned to like her as the show went on because I saw how she’s been true to these words.

Life in the Big Brother house was not easy for Jane. Issues after issues were thrown at her feet that the show was even tagged to be “PBB Jane Edition”. It was however very admirable that this young lady remained true to herself; even when it would have been easier to just act the way her housemates wanted her to be. She defied the odds because she believed she didn’t do anything wrong.

Many of her housemates said she was being fake because her words were always contradicted by her actions. I beg to disagree. What I saw was a woman who was torn between acting base on the logic of her maturity and the teen in her that she never really had time to experience being home schooled and growing up in the business. I saw someone who was socially awkward because she didn’t know how to be the teen that she is and mingle with teen agers who act as teen agers. Having Alex inside the house didn’t make it any easier either. I think that part of the prejudice she received from her fellow housemate was because unknowingly, they are comparing her with Alex, an actress just like her yet was easily able to adjust to all of them.

That, however, is what made Jane more admirable. After everything they said and do to her, she accepted all of them with an open mind, pick up the pieces she think she needed and discarded the ones that she believe was not who she is. All throughout the stress and pressure that her so called ates and kuyas inside the house put her through because they wanted her to be what they think she should be, I never even heard her complain.  I never even heard her say something bad about her housemates.

The other housemates wanted her to accept everything they told her but they forgot something important. – That acceptance is a two-way process. You need to learn to accept before you expect others to accept you. True acceptance doesn’t mean you will never be corrected or shown to be wrong; it simply means that it is safe to be you and no one will destroy you out of prejudice. They never really opened the door to even see the gentle person that Jane is. I even wondered if they even tried to put their self in her shoes before throwing their judgment.

I’m not saying that Jane is perfect. She has her share of mistakes, shortcomings and faults. I just chose to see the person behind these faults and mistakes and accept them altogether.

This season of Pinoy Big Brother probably has the biggest number of talented housemates put together in PBB history. I think they chose people with talent and beauty so that there wouldn’t be insecurities in between them even if they are mixed with people who already started to make a name or people with bigger experience. Let’s not forget, however, that PBB is not a talent show. I think the housemates should be judge not on what talent they have but who and what they are outside the comfort of their talents.

With Jane Oineza, it’s not about the person she is as an actress. It’s about a teen ager who overcome the pressures and the stress without losing her character. I saw a person who continued to stand up even after getting knocked down. And watching her every day, I saw the person who is now stronger, fiercer,more confident  yet still with a kind heart that sees the good in every person and the good in every situation. I see the person who continued to face the challenge even just by herself because of her loving devotion for her family and trust in God.

May the powers that be continue to be with you, Jane Oineza. May you continue to keep it real and inspire more people.



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  2. I agree. We should also think that Pbb is not a house of angels & not a Pinoy Got Talent! In Pbb kailangan ikaw yung maraming npagdaanan, nalampasan at napatunayan! JANE deserves to be the Big Winner!


  3. obviously another Jane fanatic, her observations are no different from the others, tho i respect your opinion. :))) #pbballinjaneedition


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  5. I couldn’t have expressed the same opinion in a more eloquent way. Everything you wrote about Jane was exactly how I perceive her. 🙂