Redemption in Love and Sweet in Love by Nadia Lee : Reviewed



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It’s love or nothing…

All Amandine Monroe ever wanted was to fit in with her glamorous and wealthy in-laws and live happily ever after with her irresistible billionaire husband Gavin Lloyd. Three years after the wedding, she’s still nowhere near fitting in with her in-laws, and Gavin has given her everything–except his heart.

When she finds out she’s pregnant, she decides she can’t raise her child in a home devoid of love. If she can’t have Gavin’s heart, only a divorce will do.

Possessive and driven, Gavin won’t let the only woman he truly cares for walk away without a fight. He demands full custody of their child or a chance for them to reconcile.

Saving their troubled marriage will require more than expensive gifts and a second honeymoon. If Amandine and Gavin can’t overcome their pride and private fears, they’ll have to let go of each other forever…

my thoughts

I enjoyed reading the story between Gavin and Amandine. It showed that happy ever after doesn’t end with I do but rather the beginning of the happy ever after journey. This story goes to show what love is all about after marriage, how relationship are built not only by love but also commitment , understanding and time to really get to know each other. I have enjoyed reading this story because it showed the reality of what really happens after the marriage as well as showed how to rebuild a relationship after the trials. Loving a person is not only about seeing their beautiful side but looking beyond their imperfections. Gavin and Amandine’s story was about that kind of love.

four star



Her best friend’s brother never looked so hot…

Brooke de Lorenzo knows Pete Monroe is off-limits. They crossed that line once, in a make-out session that rocked her world, but anything more would be complicated. Messy. Unbelievably hot. And deep down, she’s afraid the younger man might just break her heart.

Pete’s worked years to make sure he will be worthy of Brooke, and he’s not going to wait any longer. He’s going to show her what they have is very real, and that forbidden fruit is the sweetest and most satisfying.

my thoughts

I enjoyed reading how Pete love Brooke and find all of his romantic gestures truly lovable. This story showed how a man in love showed his feelings through actions. I like how Pete built his life to prepare for the life he wanted to give Brooke. For once, it’s not about playboy billionaires who became good boys for their love ones but about a guy who’ve been in love for a girl in forever and worked hard to deserve her love. It’s nice to see how he conveyed his feelings for Brooke as well as how Brooke slowly change his view of Pete from a bestfriend’s brother to a man.

I was touched when Pete took time to get to know what Brooke really wanted to be and help her achieved it. For me that was the best thing he ever did for Brooke. The whole story was actually great except for the way it ended. I was kind of hoping to see Brooke actually realized those dreams of her and succeed. It felt like the author left me in the middle where things are just starting to get good and voila it’s the end already. I think it was necessary to have that dreams achieved for me to say that Brooke did have a happy ending. It was implied in the story but I was just hoping to actually read about it and that disappointed me a little. Aside from that, I’d say I enjoyed watching Pete work his way to Brooke’s heart.


The Hearts on the Line Series Reading Order

Book 1: Vengeful in Love (Natalie Hall & Alex Damon)
Book 2: Reunited in Love (Kerri Wilson & Ethan Lloyd)
Book 3: Redemption in Love (Amandine Monroe Lloyd & Gavin Lloyd)
Book 4: Sweet in Love (Brooke de Lorenzo & Pete Monroe)
Book 5: Forever in Love (Catherine Fairchild & Blaine Davis)
Book 6: Merry in Love (Meredith Lloyd & Daniel Aylster — coming winter 2014)


NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author Nadia Lee pens sexy, emotional contemporary romance. Born with a love for excellent food, travel and adventure, she has lived in four different countries, kissed stingrays, been bitten by a shark, ridden an elephant and petted tigers.

Currently, she shares a condo overlooking a small river and sakura trees in Japan with her husband and son. When she’s not writing, she can be found reading books by her favorite authors or planning another trip.

Stay in touch with her via her website or her blog


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