Swish ~ Heart Racer #3 by Marian Tee : Reviewed



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Helios Andreadis is the aloof president of Áf̱xi̱si, an ordinary college org during the day and an underground bike racing club at night. Áf̱xi̱si̱ means ‘rise’ in Greek, symbolizing the cornerstone in which all the club’s rules were founded on. Every member of the club had his own story to tell, his own tragedy to overcome, and a self-made cage to break free from.

The younger son of a famous Greek politician from an adulterous affair, Helios had migrated to the United States in hopes of putting to rest his older brother’s jealousy. Past betrayals had taught him to be hard and unfeeling, but his heartless ways would soon be put to the test when a shy, stubborn girl literally skidded into his life like some backup dancer auditioning for the King of Pop.

Her name was MJ Cartwright. She wanted to apply as the club’s official photographer, but any job would really do since as it turned out, all she wanted was to be close to one of Áf̱xi̱si’s daredevil drivers. That man was her secret crush and the more time Helios spent with MJ, the more he wanted to kill that man, whoever he may be.

Helios was determined not to let MJ’s secret crush take her away, but neither was he ready to put a name to his feelings. To do so would make him vulnerable, and that he would never allow to happen, not even if it meant having to hurt MJ instead.

My Thoughts

I’ve read about twelve books by Marian Tee but this is my first try to her Heart Racer Series. I’m not really a fan of New Adult nor Biker Hotties though I read them too (I basically read anything as long as I think it’s interesting). Anyway, that said, I don’t expect much when I read this genres but  with Swish, I’d say I had my expectation up a notch. This is part one of Helios and MJ’s story and now I’m reserving some of my judgement till I read the end.

As of now though, I really enjoyed reading MJ’s journey into the world of Bikers. It made me smile and laugh at how Helios can be clueless when it comes to how MJ truly feel. I find Yuri so adorable and the way he cared for MJ and how he worry about his friends was  absolutely charming. Kellion and the way to wake him up in the morning was hilarious. More than weaving a story, I know it’s not easy to weave emotion into the story.  And this book was full of raw emotions. The climax was both heartbreaking and touching. I have read a lot of books but only few had me shed a tear and Swish was one of them.

I am excited to read the next installment of this series.  I look forward to how Helios will redeem himself and how he and MJ will work out their relationship. And of course I am looking forward to getting to know  the rest of the cast members more, especially Yuri.

With this third book of Heart Racer series, not only was my heart captured in a swish, it captured all of my emotions too.


About the Author

Marian Tee is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of steamy romantic comedies. She is Filipino-Chinese, has lived all her life in the Philippines, and is a frustrated mangaka. She is addicted to horror flicks, misses hip hop dancing, and loves all things Japanese.


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