*Author Spotlight* An Interview with K.L. Ruse Author of Found in You



I really enjoyed reading Found in You that I was surprised when I learned afterwards that it was K.L. Ruse’ debut novel. The characters had me intrigue, excited, it made me see life in a whole new perspective, it made me want to fall in love too. K.L. Ruse did a great job with Cole and Camryn’s story. When I learned I could do an interview for a blog tour, I immediately grab the chance. I sure would love to know more about K.L. Ruse and her amazing characters that though fictional didn’t feel like they were.


So please join me in my quest to getting to know K.L. Ruse a little better and getting a glimpse of her world a little more…


V.S. : What made you give up being a teacher and finally giving in to writing?

Author KL Ruse: It’s kind of funny, I feel like my desire to be a writer was such a big secret that I kept from my family and friends. They all knew I carried a journal in my purse and would constantly write down my thoughts. My mom even knew that I picked my major in college based on which included the most writing intensive classes because I was so much better at that than taking a standard test! But no one really knew becoming a writer was actually a dream of mine.

I spent seven years teaching History to middle school students and when I taught the lesson on the American Dream the students had to write their dream on paper and it was collected in a box and put away until the end of the school year. That’s when their American Dreams would be revealed. I, of course, had to write my own and about two years ago I wrote down to become an author on mine. At the end of that school year I received a gift from one of my eighth graders who was moving on to high school and it was a journal. She wrote, “Go get your American Dream.” inside the front cover of it and that began my plunge into this crazy world of writing.

V.S. : Who or what was your inspiration to write your first book?

Author KL Ruse: Personally, my family really inspired me to take this leap. My husband’s support was endless and I really wanted to doe this to prove to my two young daughters that in life anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

In the book world, I was reading A.L. Jackson’s Take this Regret and I was so inspired by the emotion in the story that I wanted to write my own story and maybe touch someone in the same way.

V.S. : How did you feel when published your first book?

Author KL Ruse:  So many emotions ran through me the day I hit the publish button – excitement, disbelief, pride, but mostly panic. It’s terrifying to put yourself out to the world knowing that you are now up for speculation. I just remember that on release day I had an extremely clean house because that’s what I do when I’m nervous – I clean.

V.S. :  Any particular habit that you do before and/or after writing a manuscript?

Author KL Ruse:  Before and while I write, I usually listen to songs that inspire that particular story and I listen to them over and over again. When I was writing Found in You I listened to the Imagine Dragons album more times than I could ever count!

V.S. :  Have you ever had a ‘writer’s block’? If so, what do you do when you get stuck in a scene?

Author KL Ruse:  Absolutely! I definitely have felt the pain of writer’s block while writing the second book. I usually take a break when it happens. I’ll play games with my kids or read to clear my mind again. Sometimes a simple shower brings back the ideas!

V.S. : I’ve been really curious about Camryn’s mom. Is she in any way inspired by a real person?

Author KL Ruse: About 9 years ago, my father-in-law passed away after he suffered for a year with bladder cancer. It was my first year of marriage and to say my husband was close to his dad is an understatement. I watched my husband suffer from this great loss of a man who really was everything to him. As I watched a part of him essentially die along with his dad, I always would think what it could do for him if he had another chance to hear from him, to have his dad’s words as a written legacy that would live forever in my husband.

So when I started writing Found in You and knew that a dead parent would be central to Camryn’s grief and anxiety, I wanted to live out that wish I had for my husband. I wanted to convey that parents’ words of advice can live on forever.

V.S. :  If you would be given a chance to do collaboration with another writer, who will it be?

Author KL Ruse: Tough question because there are so many amazing writers in this genre. But if I had to choose it would be A.L. Jackson. I really strive to reach the same emotional depth of her writing in my own one day.

V.S. :  If you can be any of the characters in your book, who will it be?

Author KL Ruse: While I respect Camryn in so many ways, I really think it would be Lila. She is a true party-girl but the most dedicated friend you could ever have.

V.S. : What advice will you give to all the aspiring writers out there?

Author KL Ruse: Don’t get discouraged. No matter the negative that this particular field can bring have faith in your talent and know that there will always be people that have faith in you. There are always rooms for more authors. Really can you ever have too many books?

V.S. :  What are you currently working on that your fans should look forward to?

Author KL Ruse: I always intended that Found in You would be two books – one from Camryn’s point of view and the second would tell Cole’s story. So I am currently writing Saved by You in Cole’s point of view and it will continue from where Found in You left off. However, it also flashes back to the past so we get a glimpse of the darkness that Cole seems to be running from in the first story.

However, as I was writing Found in You I felt that many of the secondary characters had such strong voices and that they deserved to be heard as well. So I decided to also write a third and fourth book in this series. The third will be about Heidi and Dusty who are introduced in the first one and then the fourth will be Lila’s and Carter’s story. So Cole, Camryn and Gavin aren’t done after the second book. We will be able to see glimpses of them in the final two books as well!!




V.S. : What’s your favorite food, something that you won’t get tired of eating?

Author KL Ruse: Baked macaroni and cheese, but it has to be my grandmom’s recipe!

V.S. : Books or movies? What genre?

Author KL Ruse: Books and contemporary romance, of course!

V.S. :  Aside from teaching, if you were not a writer, what would you have been?

Author KL Ruse: I would have owned a small book store at the beach

V.S. : What is the one thing you cannot live without

Author KL Ruse: My writing journal and chocolate chip cookies

V.S. :  Could you share something about you that not many people know about?

Author KL Ruse: I am terrified of snakes. I once saw one on the road I was driving on and when I got home I called my husband from the garage to come out and make sure it didn’t attach itself beneath my car.



That’s all folks. I hope you enjoyed reading about K.L. and getting to know her a little better like I did. If you haven’t read Found in You, I strongly suggest you do. It’s a read worthy of every penny.

For more information about the book, you can read about it along with my review here: FOUND IN YOU BY K.L. RUSE

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