Come Away With Me ~ The Andrades by Ruth Cardello: Reviewed



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Gio Andrade:
Rich, powerful, sexy. A man who thinks he has everything . . . until he meets Julia.
Julia Bennett:
Sweet, spontaneous, and desperate to sell her jewelry line in New York City. She takes a job as a night security guard to pay the rent.
Sparks fly when she mistakes her boss for an intruder.
He can’t get her out of his head.  She can’t find the strength to deny him.
Will lies bring them together or tear them apart forever?

My Thoughts

My heart is still in my throat after reading Come Away with Me. I’ve been anticipating the story ever since word got out that Ruth is writing a new series about the Andrades. So here’s my thoughts…

The way Gio and Julia met was kind of hilarious. With the meeting ending with Julia fleeing off the scene, I could almost see Gio’s reaction to that and left my mouth hanging open. Right then, I know I won’t be closing the book until I read the end.

Gio was one interesting character. The way he thinks, how he cares, how he wants to show he does not care, and a past that had him shut in his walls and me curious. I like the effect Julia has on him, the one that made him do the right thing even if it’s something he would never ever thought of doing.

Julia on the other hand was all lovely. Not just with her looks but all the more with the beauty she is inside. I love the way she sees life, handles her road bumps and work her way through. I love how despite temptation she could held her head high and say no when it’s wrong and even have the guts to walk away than just give in. The self preservation and honesty she has was refreshing and thrilling. It had me holding on waiting to what she’s gonna do next or how she’ll handle the next stone life’s throwing in her way.

The two of them together was fun, heart melting, and hot as hell to read about. Their contrast complement each other making the story a wonderful ride to go through.

And much as I love the story between Gio and Julia, my attention was also hold up by his brothers. I think I fell in love with Nick. I ache for that smile of his that does not reach the eyes, the sadness that wanted me to give him a hug and tell him soon it’s gonna be okay. Luke being the pacifier, made me curious of how he’ll be if things get really out of hand he can’t keep the cool anymore. And Max, he seemed like a ray of light in the darkness that is in the middle of them. The way he could smile amidst the tension made me feel that there’s more of him inside than what meets the eye. And that journey to Isola Santos where I get a glimpse of how it felt like getting a chance to know the four of them was one of my favorite scenes.

One of the things I like best in Ruth’s novel is the way she weave the character of each person in the story. Their personalities were created in such a way that everyone of them –  whether they played a big part of the story or just a scene – mattered and you know that it wouldn’t be the same at all without them. And, I’m really going with all of these because of that scene with little Anna. The innocence and enthusiasm girls her age have was a fine sight to see.

Of course, the fact that almost everyone from the Legacy series was in here was something I looked forward to. I see a lot of Dominic in Gio that I think once they get to know each other it could either be they become best pals or they’ll be kicking each other’s ass. I hope it’s the former.

I love the way Gio conquered his past and chase for Julia. The proposal made me bleed for being overly romantic and over the top (all the expenses made me chuckle).

I also loved how things concluded with Julia’s side of the family including her career. Atta girl!

All in all, this book is about romance that comes when you’re not expecting it, about mending family bridges, and about chasing for dreams with all the fire that you have within you.


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