The Billionaire and the Barfly by Adrianne James: Early Review


Coming Soon March 29

The Billionaire The Barfly Cover


Henry Maximus is a super-hero-loving geek and proud of it. He’s also a genius when it comes to business. It’s how he earned the title of CEO of Maximus Gaming … not to mention the billions of dollars in his bank account. Henry’s tried living the life of a bachelor, but a different girl every night has left him wanting more. Needing more.

Aubrey Vincent is in love with her job. She’ll love it even more if she lands the promotion that gets her out of her parent’s attic. She loves it so much that she has no time for relationships, not that she was ever very good at them to begin with. Aubrey is perfectly happy with the random, nameless men she picks up at the bar.

After a brief encounter with Aubrey on a business trip, Henry packs his bags and moves back to the small town where he grew up. Aubrey’s town. Aubrey attempts to find her way into Henry’s bed, while he tries everything to get into her heart. Will Henry’s plan to break down the walls Aubrey has built around her heart work or will his unbelievable million dollar offer scare her away?

My Thoughts

It’s always been hard for me envisioning geek hotties because you know, the word itself sounded like an oxymoron. Geek and Hotties doesn’t go together in my book. In this however, I find that easy to do. I was able to picture Henry in my mind well enough and love the geekiness in the hotness that is himself.

But more than the hotness of our billionaire hero, what I love about this book was the way each of the character grow. Not just the hero and heroine but even the little characters that made up the story. I like seeing that in books. The way one character transforms into someone better makes it reading more exciting and at the same time making them more real. It also give the feel that time did pass and the events did happen. And in this book that change happened to the heroine, Aubrey. She’s like a cocoon that turned into a butterfly and that made reading about her exciting. In fact, looking forward to how she’ll handle the next event in her life was what made me hold on to the book until the end.

It’s also nice that this story deals with family and career issues that happen normally in the real world which makes the characters really human and not just a figment of the writers imagination. That enabled me to relate into them. It made the book not just another romance story but a story of life, family, career and the romance between the characters was like the cherry on top.

And of course, looking forward to what will Henry do next to make his way into her heart was another thing I love with this book. I like that he’s not just your usual hero who fell in love with the good looks and sexy body then get to know her better and loved her more. There’s actually depth in his character that made him worthy of being a romance novel hero.

Even Ben and Mackenna made the book as it is. I mean, I totally feel their characters that I know it wouldn’t be as good if you pull them out of the story.

However, I truly felt that there’s still room to turn this book from a good one to a great one. The way it begin is one of those. When I started reading the book, I have this urge of putting it down and just forget about it. The way Aubrey was introduced into the story was not delivered well. Of course it still depends on a person on how they like certain romance stories but for me, that was a bad way to make a start.

I have high hope with this story when I saw that it was written in the third person point of view. For me books written in the Third POV make the characters more three dimensional that lets you feel like you’re inside the book and not like just a person watching a movie looking at a big screen. It gets you to feel their emotion better because you know get to know their past, their hopes, their dreams, what makes them tick and happy. That gives you room to understand why they react in a situation the way they did.

And that’s what I miss in this book. I felt that I didn’t get to know Aubrey that well considering that the whole book was written in her perspective. I didn’t understand her relationship issue only that it’s because of an ex-boyfriend still it made me ask why. I had a better understanding of where Henry was coming from and that’s weird because it’s Aubrey’s perspective that I should have known more.

I was really glad that I get past the bad beginning because the story got better after that. (Of course, it’s totally a matter of opinion because it might just be what others would find in a book exciting.) I enjoyed every scene that followed especially when the tension between Aubrey and Henry started to build. I enjoyed myself so much that I didn’t even realized I was coming to the end and was really surprise when I reached the last page. It left me hanging for more.

There’s probably a different book for the other characters so I won’t even ask about them. However, I seriously think that there should be more. I mean all books have this villain to the story that takes part in the conflict. There’s conflict, but there’s no real antagonist. I felt like that part wasn’t concluded so yes, I really really want more.

Other than that, the story was good and it will make you feel like watching someone’s journey, it’ll probably even make you re-envision your own (I did) and will make you eager to know how each character will fare at every hurdle life throws at them.




Valerie Shyne

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