Wandering Thoughts #1: On Reviews


It’s been a while since I posted ‘nonsense’ blogs like the weekly reflections I used to post before back in the days that I do blogs on Multiply. So, I have some free time while waiting for a much awaited release to go live on Amazon US and here I am pondering on some thoughts.

I have been doing review blogs lately all of which I cross post to amazon (if the book is available on amazon) having this free time in my hands kind of made me wonder what made me love/like writing reviews aside from the fact that a few of them were by request.

I’ve read somewhere, someone said that reviewing books are the best way to help the author.  I’m not really so sure since I think that the best way to help the author is to actually buy the book. Probably to spread the word around so others will buy the book too?

But the thing about reviews is that it can go both ways right? I mean, I have written a few negative reviews before that others even said it was outright mean. Although, I never meant to be a ‘meanie’ when I wrote those reviews. I was plainly going for honesty.  Anyway, when I write not so good reviews, I emphasize that it’s solely my opinion and not an absolute one and may be differently viewed by different people.

I really really love reading and and have read tons of books already. I have read many great books and some that I don’t even get to read until the middle. I don’t have a specific genre, I read any book genre as long as I think they’re interesting.

Saying that, the reason that a book may be ‘bad’ for me is not absolutely because the book is bad but mostly just because I’ve read something a lot better than it.  And there are authors who are just good in every book they wrote and surprises you every time and there are those you initially find bad but surprise you with their next ones.

So what about the reviews? My reviews specifically?

First of all, I write these reviews mostly to express my opinion on the book. There are times that I am so happy with the book that I can’t get enough of it and there are times I am just so disappointed with it and at both times the only way to get it out of my system is to write my thoughts about it. That’s why I decided to use the tag “My Thoughts” instead of “My review” on the part where I get to lay my opinion. Because at the end of the day, it’s simply my own thoughts and it hardly even matter.

Last week while I was watching American Idol season 13, Keith Urban said on being asked on his opinion about saying ‘no’ that it’s hard but he thinks that sometimes, these hopefuls needed to hear that so they can get better because there are times that the people around them keep saying that they are great and good even if they’re not and that telling them no sometime will actually help them grow. Second to what I said above, I think that’s what most reviews are about. Though coming from a nobody like me, saying that I do reviews to help the authors improve their craft doesn’t sound right and well, conceited. Who am I kidding? They could just say, ‘go to hell’ or even just ignore it and most of the time, I’m not even sure if they took time reading it. But deep inside of me, yes, I write my reviews with hope that it get to inspire and encourage the authors write more and better stories.

Lastly, as my reviews are plainly just a lowly reader’s opinion, it’s some sort of a challenge to the people that these post reach to read the book and see it for themselves. I am not above myself and I know I could be wrong and I know it could be just due to cultural differences or book preference that made me thought otherwise. Just like what it is often said, “To each his own.” What might be good something good for me might not go the same about you and vice versa.

I know writing a book isn’t easy and it’s not my wish to make the writer feel bad if ever there’s something in my review that offended them. In as much as possible when I don’t have anything good to say, I go with the ‘keeping it to my self’ routine. If it’s too overwhelming to do that I do the review but keep it private. Kind of pointless when nobody get to read it but well, at least I felt better.

I guess, I’m just really making a disclaimer for future review request that I might be saying not only good things on my reviews and that I wrote them as straightforward as I can and straight from the heart of what I honestly thought and felt about the book.

On that happy note, I hope you folks are having a great day. I hope I didn’t bore you to death with this little wandering thought slash reviewer’s confession.


Valerie Shyne



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