Breaching the Billionaire: Alethea’s Redemption by Ruth Cardello: Reviewed




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Alethea is at a crossroad. For as long as she could remember, it was her and her best friend, Lil, against the world. Now that Lil has met Prince “I have my own helicopter” Charming and reconnected with her family, Alethea is on the outside looking in, justifying who she’s always been to people who have never understood her. When she uncovers a looming threat to Lil’s family, she’s determined to save them, even after they tell her not to get involved and assign their best man to stop her.

Marc Stone has been watching Alethea ever since she waltzed through his security system and right into his late night fantasies. As a decorated Marine, he’s seen war, but nothing could prepare him for this wild redhead. Strong. Beautiful. Flawed, and fiercely protective. Hard to love, and impossible to deny.

If she’ll stop fighting him long enough, he’ll show her just how perfect they are for each other. That is, if she doesn’t get them both killed first.

My Thoughts

Among all the heroines in the legacy series, I’d say it’s Althea’s story that I anticipated the most. I have read in a few blogs before release day that they have never liked Alethea and they’re waiting how her story will go. I am waiting to, but not because I disliked Alethea, unlike some of the redeaders who were waiting to see how she will redeem herself from all the bad impression of other people about her, I was excited to see how she will prove them wrong.

I have liked her since the first book when Lil was describing how she was there all throughout her life. She may be a bit too much to handle like what Abby says, or a bit reckless, happy go lucky even, I on the other hand sees her as someone who have so much life in her. She goes for what she wants without second thoughts and I think that’s very fierce of her because not everyone can be someone like that. But I guess, she really got be because of her loyalty to Lil. Loyalty to the point of not caring what others will think as long as she think it will be for the good of her friend. And honestly, I kind of got disappointed with Abby with the way she treated Alethea. Though I must admit that made Abby more human. And it’s true too that Alethea went a little overboard with regard to Jeremy’s case but still I can’t say Jeisa wasn’t at fault at that one (sorry, Jeisa)

So you see, I really drawn to Alethea from that start. She’s probably the main reason why I kept holding on to the series, because I wanted to read her story. It was just surprising that at very book, I found myself getting hooked with each charcter (Jake and Jeremy most especially).

Among other things, I am glad that Ruth gave someone like Marc for Alethea. Someone who saw her beneath all the facade. The way Lil did. I love how Marc was willing to do things for ALethea so that the people around her will see her for what he saw her and how he was willing to treat her as her equal. Above all, I love how he stayed beside her when all else failed. Jake and Jeremy remains my favorite Legacy heroes but I’d say that Marc is the best one suited for Alethea. I never even thought that head of securities can be so hot until I’ve read about him.

And much as I like Abby, and Nicole and Marie, I can’t help feeling annoyed with them – mostly Marie – with the way they treated Alethea when she’s just being honest. And some of you who have read the book probably did too. I was even disappointed with Lil with the way she wanted Alethea to change for her benefit and was very glad that Jeremy stays as a friend despite all that had happen between them. I guess, Ruth Cardello succeeded in making each character so real to the point that you react on their negative traits in as much as you do with their positive ones.

Story wise, I love the way Ruth incorporated the events from the first book, which means the trouble with the Corisi Empire and Stephan Andrade’s conflict of interest going full series. There’s just not love, but suspense and thrill and humor and of course the thing I love most, great story of family and friendship.

Alethea didn’t only redeem herself in this book, she have also proved to everyone else her worth and that she deserve better. With Alethea’s Redemption, Ruth Cardello set the fireworks to end this series and pave way to a new one – the Andrades.

So if you haven’t read the book yet, I strongly suggest that you grab your copy, prepare coffee, sit back and enjoy – Alethea and Marc, the Andrades, Corisis, the Katers and the Walton is about to give you a one heck of a ride.


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