Veakaria Book 2: Isadora, Ang Huling Tunay na Birhen ng Lamia



We all know that Isadora was pretty. The cover said it all. But as you read along, you’ll see that she’s not just pretty outside but her beauty goes beyond the skin. I would even say that she’s got a pure soul and a pure heart.

The story started with Isadora’s thoughts about her feelings for Yorgos, which made Yorgos more intriguing. All the girls seems to fell in love with him but not end up with him. We all know that Alexandra used to be his girl, and now here’s Isadora willing to sacrifice herself and even kill even necessary for the love of him.

However, it seems that fate has other plans. Here now came Pyros, a man she needed to deal with in order to save Yorgos from the king’s order to kill him. A man, with a heavy burden of a past on his shoulders.

I like how despite her beauty was a feisty woman beneath her. Although I must say that Raphael’s character was more ineteresting. From when they were kid until they were adult. From the start, I know there must be something beneath all the criminal accusations. And Raphael slash Pyros proved his worth as a hero along the way. His strengths a man very well matched Isadora’s purity as a woman. And that made them a really good match for each other. After all, both of them came from something rare, Raphael with the kind of sorcery that comes only once in a blue moon and Isadora who’s virtue as a woman was considered extinct in Lamia.

In this book you will be able to see how Mitera Salome brought up Isadora, Isadoros, Akila and Alexandra. Her ways and resolve made me admire her more. I felt like I also want to have my share of studying sorcery under her hands. It will be an honor to be under the guidance of the great person that she is.

And much as I never liked frogs, I must admit that the frog that young Raphael gave to Isadora was a sweet gesture. It was good to have a glimpse of him when he was still safe from all the hardship and hurtful things that the world can bring. Nonetheless, the way he grew up and brought about his maturity was truly admirable.

It was a funny moment when Isadora and Raphael exchanged bodies. I can see how it took the boredom away from Estelon throughout that journey of headhunting for Yorgos.

In this book, I also get to know Yorgos more. The way Sophos, Raphael and even Estelon who was apparently a prince of the Elfs were ready to lay their lives for Yorgos was a testament to the great character that he was. Which made me agree, he really deserved to be King.

And Sethi, the man who can’t be found when he doesn’t want to, isn’t that another proof of what a great sorcerer he was?

And I’m sure you’re all hating Klaudios more as much as I do. Though I am thinking that there’s a conspiracy somewhere. And that is what I need to find out.

And of course, everyone who’ve read the book is as excited as I am to read Isadoros’ story and the curious girl named Melina.

Veakaria’s second installment made me crave more for the series. So much more that it felt that 430 pages wasn’t enough. I wish there was more between the romance between Raphael and Isadora. Hopefully, I’ll be able to still hear about them on the next books of the series. And of course, this book has raised a lot of questions in my head. Like who was the girl that Yorgos is searching for? The girl that might be able to save him from all the mess. What really happened to the queen? And of course, the biggest of them all, how will Yorgos survive all of these and be King?

I guess we all have to wait for the answer. So until the next one….



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