Veakaria Book 1: Andrei, Ang Itinakwil na Anak ng Tenon


This is the most magnificent tagalog series I’ve ever read. If Harry Potter opens the door for us to the word of wizards, and Percy Jackson brought us to the world of the gods, I now welcome you to the land of sorcerers, and fairies and vampires and werewolfs and dwarfs, goblins, elf and humans in a world that devides and unite them all. It’s name… VEAKARIA.

If PHR translate English best sellers into Tagalog for the pride of having these books in our own language, it will be a proud day to see Veakaria translated in other languages. Because it deserves to be claimed internationally. It’s brilliance deserves to be known in other language. Like Harry Potter which started as a children’s book but turn out to be a book for all ages because it can be interpreted differently depending on your age, Veakaria can be viewed the same way. It can be a children’s book (minus the love scene), young adult, adult book and romance all in one. And if a series deserves, to be turned into a film, Veakaria does.

I like how Vanessa introduce the story with the relation between the Vampires and the sorcerers. Aarfina will probably remain as one of my favorite characters in the series. Her passion, love and hate was something you can feel as you read along. It’s inevitable too since Nit Treb was a clear reminder of that emotion.  Nit Treb alone and the way it slowly changed with Andrei’s presence was enough to feel the magic of the place.

Another remarkable character that will clearly play a great role till the end of the series was Mitera Salome. She possessed not only great power of sorcery but great wisdom as well.

Queen Sijamabarrie. Her name was alwas hard to pronounce and spell for me. Moreover, her name alone exudes mystery and power diffrrent from the sorcerers that made me want to discover myself by being one of them.

Venus was someone you can’t just put aside too. His wit and humor balances the seriousness of this whole Yorgos business.

I admire the loyalty, perseverance, friendship and sacrifice that Alexandra, Venus, Isadoros and Isadora showed in order to save a friend to what seemed to be an impossible place to escape – Tartaros – the jail of the place surrounded not only by heavy guard but magical creatures as well. Not to mention that was in an isolated island which takes away any power within you.

And of course, Sethi. Nobody can deny that he was truly charming despite an alcoholic. You can see with him a very powerful sorcerer despite of that. And it will be a joy to discover his story and what made him that way. After all, a genius doesn’t simply turned out a drunkard suddenly without any reason.

The romance between Alexandra and Andrei was just a bonus because the story within itself was enough to make it interesting. Each page unravel a magic and mystery that will make you hold on to the story and anxiously look  forward to what might happen next.

So if you haven’t read it, I suggest you do. Because this book is definitely a keeper. And as a reader of almost all book genre, it makes me proud that this book was written by a Filipino author, complete with a Filipino heart and the brilliance and intelligence that can be compared to our internationally acclaimed authors.




Signed: V.S._thewriter

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