Dugong Buhay: A Review


This is my first time writing a review about a local tv series. And it’s probably still early to do so, but I am writing this now because I can’t just let the opportunity of talking about a promising program pass.
So what made Dugong Buhay different? After watching the making of this drama on youtube, I became highly interested. There were a lot of new faces. Honestly, aside from Sunshine Cruz and Ejay Falcon I don’t know the rest although there are other familiar faces. Judging from the way the story is currently going, I’d say that Dugong Buhay is a good breakthrough project for the rest of the cast.

Okay, let’s get into the story. Basically the story is about a man who’ve lost a father, and his own family by the wrong doings of greedy people. He have been hurt a lot that in the process his heart have no more love to give but revenge through his enemies. Revenge that he plans to do by using his enemy’s own son which of course the enemy doesn’t have an idea (that it was his son) at all. The antagonist was someone whom from being a little kid was blinded by the thought that his father doesn’t love him and grew up being greedy trying to fill that hole in bis being or at least that’s how I see it.

Dugong buhay is filled with intense moments that came from the dark pasts of the characters of the story. The fight scenes is what makes the story more intense; moments that viewers anticipates for. Like what they say, “makapigil hininga ang mga kaganapan”.

But Dugong Buhay isn’t all about revenge, it’s also about being able to love despite the darkness and that’s where Elena and Isabel comes in.

Let’s talk about the characters…
Simon, the one who’ve went so much pain the most is now planning his great revenge scheme against the de Lara the family who did him wrong. My heart goes for Simon. Just imagining all that he went through I can truly understand him. I can feel why he wanted revenge. And even though his methods are wrong, I don’t blame him. Just try putting yourself in his position. I guess there are wound that time don’t heal. And that’s Simon’s case. I just feel sad for the son who even without knowing anything grew up with the same hatred. This role of course is well played by Nonie Buencamino.

Enrique De Lara – the spoiled rotten brat. Sorry. But there’s no other words to put it. After his mother’s death he became blinded by the thought that his father doesn’t love him. Which I don’t believe to be the case. He just lacked attention and Simons arrival didn’t help that situation. Still, I believe that it’s no reason to act the way that he did. His logic and reasons for his action was totally unreasonable and illogical. He’s greedy, selfish and I do want to break his neck for his narrow mindedness. No doubt you can say that I am very much affected by the way the young Enrique and Christian Vasquez played the role.

Isabel played by Sunshine Cruz is the fragile little one. The one who always needs protecting and all that. It annoys me that she doesn’t have an idea of what her husband does. But I do understand her guilt and trying to make up for it. I guess all mothers are like her and Elena, that would do everything for their children.

Elena, the mom who just wanted the best for his son. And that best is that to have his way totally different from what Simon wanted. I can imagine her worries and anxiety. How she will achieve the life that she wanted his son to live is what all of us is yet to see. I never thought Ana Capri could act so good until I saw her at Dugong Buhay.

Gabriel, the son everyone in the de Lara thought was dead but is living in the hands of their enemy as Victor. He grew up believing that he must take revenge to his real family (which he have no idea at all) because they killed his mother and brother. His father (Simon) taught him to fill his heart with nothing but hatred for the de Laras. Moreover, he saw himself first hand at how cruel Enrique can be against his enemy that his resolve of taking justice at his hands became more intense. Despite all of this, he is a very loving son to his mom Elena, even if he knew that she is not his real mom. Now taking all this in, I am excited and anxious to know how he will react when he finds the truth. Ejay Falcon’s acting is truly commendable. He can deliver the emotions even without dialogues. Would he be torn when he finds out the truth? That is what we all should look forward to.

Sandy de Guzman, son of Pablo (Lito Pimentel) who now works for the de Lara and became curious when she heard the story from her father. However his father still have secrets she doesn’t know. Yam Concepcion is like a breath of fresh air in this series. New face but superb acting skills. I love how Sandy acts and reacts into the situations she’s brought into. But what I’m truly looking forward to is the love triangle between her and the two de Lara sons, Victor and Raphael. Honestly though I am all for Sandy and Victor. The tandem I termed as “SaVic”. Effortless chemistry between her and Victor. Well, it’s too early to tell. I guess, we just have to find out.

Raphael, another spoiled brat like his dad. I hope he won’t end up the same. I am looking forward to how he would act and react once he learn about the bad deeds of his father. Would that make him do the same? Or would it turn him against his own father? And one more thing, how would he feel if he learn that Victor is his brother? Adding to rising love triangle… Boy, this is messy. Arjo Atayde is the one who plays this role. I don’t like him at first, but that point when he was yelling so much at Victor then Sandy came in? That’s when I became convince that he know what he is doing.

Trisha played by Jed Montero, you’re pretty but I’m sorry am really all for “Savic” . But a lot of people can probably relate to where she’s coming from, yours truly included. I wonder if there’s a way she’ll end up with Raphael. But then there’s Tope. From Dugong Buhay I’ve noticed that Ketchup Eusebio is a good actor. The light moments he and Trisha gives balance the story out. I hope he’ll be given a greater part as the story goes because it’s a waste not to see him act all serious.

And there’s also Alex de Lara who at this point is probably hated by anyone watching the show. Well, that just goes to show that Ronnie Quizon is playing is part well.

I’ve seen a lot of tv series. Most if them started good but went bad in the middle throughout the end. I hope that doesn’t happen with Dugong Buhay. I really am anticipating what will happened next. It kind of remind me of my favorite revenge story of all time, the Japanese drama, “Maou”. The only difference is that Dugong Buhay have a touch of love story. And for the first time, I don’t mind if “the Filipino drama can’t live without a love story in it” because honestly, next to the fight scenes, the budding romance is what I look forward to.



Valerie Shyne


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  1. This serye sure has a lot of potential. I am an Ejay Falcon supporter and very thankful that abs-cbn gave him this project. It is sure a challenge for him.


    • Ejay falcon is doing great. He’s improved a lot since katorse days. And this project is as good for him as the rest of the cast. I like the way sandy acts too and the rest of the cast have so much potential.


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