Goodbye 2012… Hello 2013



This has been a really fast year. It was gone for almost like a blink of an eye. But no, it wasn’t easy either. Which made me feel that it was God’s way of telling me that the hardships aren’t here to stay. Just like what one of my favorite writer, Robert Schuller said, “Tough times never last, but tough people do. ”

And today as the old year departs I want to thank the Lord because though I haven’t gone a long way from where I stand last year, I am proud to say that I am a long way tougher and stronger from where I was before.

Thank you Lord because though I went to fonancial difficulty last January. I was able to recover throughout the year.

Thank you Lord because though it was really difficult at work, you have helped me survived. Not alone but through the help of the people I claim as friend. It was because of them being always there and ready to listen of my unending woes that I was able to push through.

Thank you Lord that after all the rejections I went through to have a manuscript approved I finally manage to get one this year. And though it makes my courage thinner that it still remains unpublish even though half a year had gone I keep my faith on holding on and working hard because it is my dream. I know someday you will rewars me success as long as i contonue to work hard for it.

Thank you for all the times you have saved me when it felt like I am in a pinch of losing all hope.

Thank you because this year my friendship with some people were tested and we saw through it. Like what MC said, the real test of true friendship isn’t time but the tough times and hardships. And I am happy that after the storm the people who mattered are still there. Still ready to fight my battle should the need arise.

Today, I held my head high to welcome the year in my best form. I can walk the road ahead because I know the Lord above will be my guide. I know it still is not an easy road but I know it will be a better road than the one before.

I will keep the fire of my will burning for 2013. For new beginnings, new hope, new courage and new inspirations. Happy new year eveyone! Good vibes to a good year.


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