Learning Silence


Recently, I’ve been pondering on the things that happened to me. Taking a look on the decisions that I have made and realizing that not every single of them turned out the way I planned them to be. Thinking about those days made me realized that my life now sucks because my way of deciding also sucks. I now come to the conclusion that on deciding for your life, no matter how hard a decision is, you should only listen to the silent voice of your heart.

It’s because later on, all the decisions you have made will reflect back at you. Because it is about you, about your life and eventually about your future too so you only have to listen to your heart. How to do that? Take sometime off for yourself and pray. With your heart as your captain and with God as your compass, for sure nothing will go wrong.
And that was the biggest mistake I did.  Listening to others when I should have listened to what my heart says the day I made a very crucial decision. However, there is no use regretting about the past. The important thing is I learned from them. What matters now is how I pick up the fallen pieces of myself and stand up; with new courage, hope and aspirations.

Now, as I restructure the plans that I made for my future, I know now what to look at and where to listen as I make new decisions. With my captain and my compass I am now more confident to face the battles that would come my way. God is truly wonderful and my thanksgivings are for Him because I know without Him, light will never come my way.
His marvelous love showed me the way that I should thread. In darkness, He is the light that guided me to get back to the right path and continue running the race. He helped me realized that it is never too late to catch up no matter how many I have missed.  In silence, He is the voice that whispers inside my heart that tells me what to do and what things ought to be done in the right way and in the right time. In loneliness, He is the joy that pour gladness inside my very core teaching me to give thanks at every situation I am in; may it be  good one or otherwise because I know that it is His will and it is His way of shaping my character for a better tomorrow. In grief, He is there consoling me. By the rain, and sunshine afterwards He has showed me that every tear is made so that you could better appreciate the laughter that He is sending your way.

Sometimes, things may seem too hard to understand but just listen to your captain and look up at your compass and you’ll see things are working their way little by little to what you wished them to be.       ­­­

January 23, 2009

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