Reflections of the Week Vol. 2

Since I can’t blog much and I don’t know what to blog either, I’m here again for my week’s reflection which is suppose to be posted last week but I forgot. Lets see….

1. I just learned recently that there is such a thing as “amoy office” pala. When i came home the other week my cousin told me, “ate ang bango mo naman”. me: mabango? ano bang amoy ko? my cousin answered. “Amoy office.” don’t ask me though what kind of smell that is ‘coz i don’t know either.

2. Discipline is a habit. It just a matter of getting used to doing it and you’ll be able to even when no one tells you.

3.Gentlemen these days are endangered specie.

4.I discovered a new accent in the english language.. the Tagalog accent. and well, it sound a bit weird. And i guess, a month or two and I’ll be singing the same tune.

5. Your attitude and upbringing could help you do your job better. Like I for example doesn’t like waiting that much. Because of that I really try my best to not make those people who are in need of my service wait.

6.Disclaimer for the above: but no matter how hard you try the one above, there are still people who are very stubborn; people who at your bad mood could make you really feel annoyed.

7. Not all people have patience to teach. there are two people in our office that i find really commendable. when you ask about something you don’t know how to do, they patiently explain it. not just to plainly answer your question but to make everything about it clear enough.

8. when you’re all dizzy and sleepy, you could forgot that you are not allowed to speak tagalog and pay 3 pesos.

9.Will is the only thing you needed to be able to do want you wanted.

10. If your piss off at somebody, and you can’t hold your thoughts yet don’t wanna hurt anybody, you can just shut your mouth up, concentrate in whatever it is you’re doing, scream all the words you wanted to say in your mind as if she can hear you and soon.. you’ll find yourself calming down. believe me, it worked.

11. hmm. i forgot the next thing that i should be saying.. so i guess some other time…


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