Reflections of the Week

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Reflections of the week Sep 17, ’10 7:06 AM
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I haven’t blog about anything at long for quite sometime now, so i decided to drop by before my account gets forgotten.. again.hmm…

1. Mahirap mag-work, pero masaya, something you can call as self-fulfillment.

2. Inspirations can be found everywhere. Kahit sa gitna nang nag-a-arguento at nag-aaway na mga tao.

3. Pwede mong takbuhin mula Ayala Realty (katabi nang POEA) hanggang Jolibee Plaza sa loob nang 10 minutes kung ayaw mong ma-late.. and yeah yan ay dahil nasiraan ang bus.

4. dapat pala paghandaan mo ang maaring pagkasira nang bus dahil maari itong mangyari araw-araw.

5. Kapag 9:00 ang start nang work mo, late ka na kapag 9:01 ka dumating pero hindi kung dadating ka nang 9:00 and 59 seconds

6.It’s a good feeling when people look beyond your physical appearance and believe your worth something beyond that.

7. You have to speak in english when the clock strikes 1 o ‘clockpm or else you would be paying five peso for every tagalog word spoken.

8. Being careful is important, especially when you’re preparing a cheque or else be ready for the 3rd world war with a client.

9. When someone is saying that you have to stop what you’re doing, you should listen even if you love doing that thing so much. it’s because that person might not be really putting you down nor discouraging you. they are merely helping you face the reality you didn’t want to accept.

10. I thought people who turn away with their dreams are losers, weak, I was wrong. because i’ve learned that it’s harder to turn your back on something you love. it will take you enormous effort to do so. sometimes it’s even easier to give it another try than to forget all about it but then you have to be strong and face the music. Life goes on and you must too.

11. Accepting a fact is hard specially when you have been in denial for quite sometime. But when you do, you will be able to take  even the bad outcomes lightly without feeling a hint of bitterness.

12. Letting go and Letting God is an important part of facing your struggles.


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