Just Another Cinderella Story P1


Thanks to Leng, because of her I remembered I still have something in my chest of old stuffs. hindi po title ung asa taas kasi kahit 5 years ago pa nang isulat ko ito, wala talaga akong maisip na i-title dito.. this is a fantasy fiction.. or maybe just a little fantasy. hehe. hindi ko alam kung paano ko ‘to ika-categorized. this is the first novel i’ve ever written. sinimulan ko ‘to nung 4th year highschool ako. sulat kamay dahil wala pa kaming computer. natapos ko ‘to sometime during my freshmen year at the university at natapos kong i-encode nung second year na ‘ko. since i don’t have all the time right now not to mention tinatamad ako… here is my unedited, untiled novel, fresh with the technical, grammar and other kinds of error that you might find in a newbie writer…


Chapter 1

The dream

“Hey girl, welcome to our world… ready to meet the prince and princess of our kingdom?”

            “Wow! This place really looks great…i- is that a castle?” she said pointing to a castle not so far from where they were standing.

            “Yes miss, and in here you will surely forget all your worries.I promise. Now, then let’s go…miss…?”

            “Amethyst, you can call me Aimee”

            “Aimee, ok let’s go then Aimee…”

“Aimee, wake up you sleepyhead” said a slightly fat woman in front of her shaking her whole body.

“Mom, it’s only 4 o’ clock. Stop shaking me, I am already awake.” Who wouldn’t wake up with the way you shout at me, anyway. What Aimee couldn’t understand at that early morning was the reason why her mother was so alarmed in waking her up. She almost asked herself, is there a fire? She was having a very nice dream and then out of nowhere her mother was waking her up. What’s the matter this time?

“Mom, what’s the problem?” she asked the question in her mind. “If you haven’t notice, the sun isn’t awake yet.”

“Well then, I don’t care whether the sun is awake or not. Get up in there. You got a lot of things to do. The house maid is on leave and you are to do some of her works.”

Some,”repeated Aimee in her mind. If she hadn’t known, her mother’s some could mean everything; as in everything that their households help does.

“What the heck!” she murmured with a deep sigh. “Here I go again.”

“What did you just say young lady?” said Mrs. Andersen when she saw Aimee murmuring something.

“Nothing mom, I said yes, I’ll do what you told me before leaving for school”. Aimee answered with a hint of sarcasm in her voice as she leaves her bed.

“Good, good… follow me then at the kitchen.”

“Wait, how about my sisters? Are they awake yet?”

“Oh no, you know they went to bed really late last night. Your older sister was busy with her project in the company while your younger sister was off to bed late because of her assignments.”

As if I weren’t off to bed late last night because of my assignments. But of course that was only in Aimee’s mind. She couldn’t tell that to her mother.

Aimee really wonders a lot about her mother. She looks kind and sweet. Well, she is really kind and sweet especially to her daughters whom she loves so much. Except with Aimee, everyone looks up to her with so much respect. Of course Aimee loves their mom. There are just some things that she could not understand. Especially the way their mother treated her after their father died.

And just like what she was told, after fixing her bed she went to the kitchen to prepare their breakfast. And while waiting for the rice to be cooked, she began cleaning the house. At exactly five thirty everything was settled. Her sisters were all in the dining room to have their breakfast.

“Good morning Aimee. You’re up early today. I thought your class for today begins at nine.” Angela, Aimee’s eldest sister said while still yawning. She’s 26 and working as one of the chief engineer of Monte Claro Builders. Unlike other lady engineers who looks like somebody that needs a total make over, Aimee’s sister was a beauty inside and out.

“Well, big sis… it just happened that our helper is not around. That’s why – ”

“You mean, mom woke you up to do the maid’s job again?” interrupted Angela to what Aimee was about to say. And her voice sounded really disgusted. “You should have awakened me so that I was able to help you.”

“You have nothing to worry, sis. It’s no big. And I know you slept late. I know you needed that rest very much after all your day’s work at the company.”

“Thanks for the concern Aimee. Don’t worry I’ll talk to mom about this. Now let’s eat.”

Throughout breakfast, everyone was so quite. But you could see Margaret’s eye looking intently over Aimee wondering why their sister Angela was always on her side when both of them know what she is in the family. But since it was Angela who covers up for all their expenses since their father died two years ago, she couldn’t contradict whatever Angela has to say.

“Go and wash the dishes Garette, Aimee had done enough for this morning.” Angela pointed out to Margaret after breakfast.

“Angel, couldn’t just Aimee do that after all it’s just few plates” said Mrs. Andersen while looking to Margaret who seem to be very pleased with what her mother just said.

“That’s the point. It’s just few. So why can’t Garette do that. Anyway, I want to have a talk with you in the study.” and went towards the door out of the dining.

Sometimes, it really amazes every one of them how Angel manages to have an authority over their mother. Well, maybe because despite the authority, her respect for their mother could still be sensed through the way she speaks. And so, as Mrs. Andersen follows Angela to the study, Margaret began to wash the dishes while Aimee prepared herself for school.



After Mrs. Andersen locked the door of the study room, she walked towards Angela wondering why her daughter wanted to talk with her. And before she could utter the question in her mind, Angela began to speak.

“Mom, what is this all about?”

“Wha – what?”

“You know what I am talking about mom. You planned it all. I mean this going on vacation of our helper and Aimee doing all the stuff around the house. What’s the meaning of this?” she looked really puzzled while talking to her mother.

“Since dad’s death you were never the same with her. Could you just tell me what’s wrong?”

“Honey, you know what’s wrong. Why are you asking me that? It’s you I don’t understand. Why do you keep favoring her when you know she’s not–”

“No, don’t say that mom. Whatever you say, she’s a part of this family, because she’s…” but before Angela could finish her mother interrupted her.

“No! She’s not a member of this family. She is not!”

“I just don’t understand you mommy. I can’t see any reason why you loathed her. All right, maybe she’s a bit different but she’s still one of us. Dad wouldn’t be happy with this. I know you have your reasons that you doesn’t want to tell me. But please, don’t be too harsh on her. She doesn’t even know anything about this.”

Angela just hoped that her mother would finally listen to her. She doesn’t want Aimee to know anything. Not yet at least. Not now.

“Just let me be Angela. If you don’t want her to know everything, then just let me be. I don’t want to argue with you so please…”and her mother left her in the room.

For the first time in the last two years, the last word was held by her mother. With that, Angela couldn’t do anything but sigh.


“Hey Aimee, let’s go” shouted Angela as she went down the stairs.

“Go where?” asked Aimee with a puzzled voice.

“To school, I’ll drop you by since I am going on the same way.”

“Oh! That would be great but…”

“No more buts. Come on.” and she winked to Aimee who went upstairs to get her school things. Then the two ladies went to the car after waving goodbye to their mother.

“I am sorry,” said Angela to Aimee while driving the car.

“Sorry for what sis? I don’t remember anything you’ve done wrong. In fact, I should be thanking you for saving me this morning.”

“It’s mom I am asking sorry for. I know she’s rude to you.”

“Yeah, and I don’t understand. Before daddy died, she’s not that affectionate with me but she’s not rude either. But now, I don’t really understand this at all.”

“I am sorry to say this, but I also don’t know exactly why. I admit I know something, but I can’t tell you that now. But in due time you’ll know about it, I promise.” Angela knew that Aimee was intently looking at her. Much as Angela wanted to tell Aimee some of the answer to her questions, she couldn’t. For that won’t do any good to any of them right now.

“Well then, I guess I just have to wait for that right moment you are talking about. As for now, thanks for the lift and take care okay?” Aimee smiled sweetly at her as she hurriedly went off the car.




“Hey, a penny for your thoughts,” said a familiar voice then Aimee felt a tap at her shoulder.

“Oh! Belle, hi.”

Annabelle is Aimee’s best friend. She met her during their enrollment at St. Anthony University, both of them is currently taking up Business Administration major in management at second year.

“You seem to be in a slumber of thoughts. Daydreaming again?” her voice was teasing and her right eye brow slightly rose.

“Hmm, not really.” Aimee answered.

“Well then, what were you thinking, if you don’t mind?”

“Of course, it’s nothing big. I am just thinking about the weird dream I had last night and my mom, and my sister’s puzzling word and…”

“Hep, hep, hep best friend you’re thinking too much and you’re telling me it’s nothing?”

“So, then what do you suggest?”

“I can’t order you to stop thinking can I? so why don’t you just tell me about it.”

Aimee took a deep breath then said, “It’s just the usual thing with my mother. The difference was that today my sister seems like she just wanted to tell me something but she couldn’t.”

“You know what best? I can’t understand your mother either. Unless…”

“What it is belle? Unless what?”

“Unless, you are adopted. But that’s quite impossible. You look so much like your father.”

“Yeah, you’re right. And after all mom only started to be that unreasonable only after father died.” Aimee took a deep breath then look at her best friend. “Well maybe, I’ll get used to it soon.”

“In that case, why don’t you just tell me about your dream?” her voice was full of encouragement.

“Oh! Sorry belle but I can’t. I don’t know why. But somehow I have this feeling that I shouldn’t tell you about it. I’m sorry. And besides, it’s weird and I can’t explain it.”

“Not at all. I understand. Even though we are best friends, you are still entitled for privacy. Don’t worry.”

“Thanks. Oh! I think we should go. We’ll be late for our next class.”

And the two of them walk together towards their next subject.




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