Battle Over the Fear of Failure

One of my favorite authors, Bob Ong once said that you learn from your own words. I guess it’s true. When I read some of my essays, sometimes I can’t believe that those words came from. and yes, I learned from them too.
One battle most people lose is the battle over the fear of failure. I believe that every one of us has our own fears…fear of being defeated, fear of losing and the likes. It is fear that discourages a lot of people to take chance of the opportunity that comes their way. However, just like the how saying goes… “If you never face your fears, you will never meet courage.”

It is hard to admit that you are afraid to make decisions because of the fear that the result won’t be what you expect. It is hard to find the courage to take an action fearing that it might fail you in the end. It is fear that fills our mind with lots of questions before doing something.

We take care of lots of fears that do not yet exist. Fears that result on thinking the worst that may come tomorrow not realizing that you already forget to make the most of today.     
If you only have a positive outlook through failure, you’ll realize that it is not to be feared because it is but natural for humans to fail sometimes for they are not perfect. That like what is said on a poem, “Failure doesn’t mean you ought to give up, it does mean you must try harder.” Yes, because facing our fears in regards of failure is one of the battles of life everyone undergoes.
You should not think that committing failure means being a loser. What matters is that during the times that you stumble down, you are able to stand up again. That courage is   enough to say that you are not a total failure after all; being able to stand is enough for you to shout into the world that you are a winner.

People, who never had the courage to face their fears, never go anywhere. I believe that we must always take chance, take charge of our fears and take control of our future, our life. Our will of taking a chance every time a door of opportunity opens must not be shadowed by our fears. The result of our every under taking wouldn’t always turn out to be what we expect, but at least you’ll never go through life  full of regrets and wondering “what if “ and “only if” because you know that you did your best. Like what you always hear, “Nobody is a total failure, if he dares to try.”

“So try… start… begin… and you’ll be assured, you won the first round.”

signed_valerie shyne
JANUARY 18, 2004


About shyunique

accountant by profession, a dreamer by heart, and a frustrated artist by nature ___________________________________________________________________________________ The only thing that stands between a person and what they want in life is the will to try and the faith to believe it's possible.

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