23 Facts About Me

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Just for the sake of blogging… here is a few things about me. douzo…

1. I AM DREAMER. I list down the things that i wanted to become, i wanted to have, i wanted to go, etc. Last i check, my list has now 46 ‘I want to be’ and and ‘i dream to be’. 3 of them i have already accomplish. 43 more i have to work on.


2. MATARAY. The first impression most people have on me. I guess I am.


3.Thoughtful(daw).Well, i know i’m not a kind person. that’s one word i would never associate with myself but i do know how to care and appreciate poeple who matters to me.


4.Loyal. This one pertains to me being a fan and a friend. I don’t easily become a fan nor a friend. But when i do, i stay true. for always. Beleive that you can count on me no matter what’s the matter. 🙂


5.Okay.. the next one is something I’m not really proud of but it’s a very distinct character of mine. I’m pretty good at holding grudges. It takes a whole lot before I get angry and before my patience wears off but when i do, i don’t easily forgive either. but hey! I’m trying my bestest to change. And by the grace of God, I know in due time, I will.


6.BULLIED. i was always the center of bulluying when i was in elementary and highscool because of my look and my built.


7.4. MAYABANG. This is an often misconception of people about me. I guess it’s because of the defensive side of me; a result of sentence preceding this.


8. I have two birthdays. Sometimes I forgot which one should i use in signing documents.


9. I am a FRUSTRATED everything… writer, painter, photograper, artist and what have you.


10. I LOVE SINGING and music. the problem is, music in any form doesn’t seem to like me. I am the worst person anyone could ask to sing. that’s why nobody dared to. lol!


11. I love GOING TO PLACES. I wish to tour the world especially Paris and Japan.


12. My three favorite singers are Sarah Geronimo, Leah Salonga and David Pomeranz. I pomised myself to watch their concert live, I just don’t know when would that be.


13.A POSITIVE PERSON. I am  positive in almost everything in as much as me being a frustrated everything.


14. HATE LATE. It sounded like pizza hut’s ad, but yeah, i hate being late, i hate late comers and i hate cramming too.


15.I don’t like having “what ifs”. I make the most of everyday in as much as i could. If i plan on something I execute them. I don’t like my efforts  go to waste and i don’t like leaving things half-done too.


16.I AM RAFAEL ROSELL FAN. He is my first celebrity crush and that’s way before he even became a celebrity- or at least he’s not yet a celebrity actor then.


17. THRIFTY. me, myself and i have to argue first on whether I need it or i just want it before I buy something. But I love giving gifts to the people I love, that is if I can afford it. No need to have an argument with myself.


18.I unconsciously speak in english when I’m pissed or when i’m totally nervous.


19.BARKING DOGS AND LIGHTNING. they are two things i am really really afraid of.


20. I hate cats in as much as i hate backstabbers and tupperware people.


21.REWARD AND PUNISHMENT. I work myself in that basis. It is very effective in keeping myself motivated.


22.ONCE. that’s the only instance i gave up on a dream. and i don’t like the way it feel. I am not sure if I have really let it go.


23. OBSESS WITH LIST. I have a list of my dreams, my plans on how to achieve them, a list of my book collections, movie collections. i love to jot down lists, just like the one you just finish reading right now.



About shyunique

accountant by profession, a dreamer by heart, and a frustrated artist by nature ___________________________________________________________________________________ The only thing that stands between a person and what they want in life is the will to try and the faith to believe it's possible.

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