24X22: 24 Things I’m Thankful For



It’s my 24×22 this year. So I’m up with my list again. This time it’s about things that I’m thankful about. There could be a hundred of them but I limited it to this year’s significant number. So here goes my sensibilities and nonsense…


  1. I thank God that I’m alive. Yep! This one will always top this list. I remember a favorite pastor once said that you should always be thankful for your life. Whether it’s an easy life or a difficult life, it’s always better than the alternative.
  2. Thank You for blessing me despite my shortcomings. Most often than not, I feel unworthy of the blessings that’s why I’m really thankful for them.
  3. Thank You for my family; my mom and dad especially for bringing me into this world and bringing me up.
  4. Thank You for my brother and sisters who’ve been a sibling, rival, friend and confidante.
  5. For the cousins who’ve thought me the deeper meaning of patience and responsibility: Che-ma, Hannah, Mely and Bon. And for being supportive as well.
  6. Thank You for the friend who’ve though me how to be more feeling.
  7. Thank You for the friend who’s been always ready to listen.
  8. Thank You for that friend who picked me up at my lowest and rejoiced with me at my best.
  9. Thank You for him who thought me what love is.
  10. Thank You for the days who helped me coped up with the heartache. One of these day’s I will be successfully over it.
  11. Thank You for the positive perspective that I have.
  12. Thank You for helping us through the lost of a love one, for the miracle of surviving a crush heart.
  13. Thank You for the job that I have. I know not everyone is as lucky.
  14. Thank You for the people that made the job colorful, bearable and less-stressful.
  15. Thank You for the dream that gave the challenge, that dream that push me to keep on trying despite the odds. And Thank You because I believe that this year you brought me a couple of step closer to making it a reality.

On a deeper note…

  1. Thank You for the rain that made me strong and for the challenge it brought, making life more colorful.
  2. Thank You for the umbrella that helped me made it through.
  3. Thank You for all the storms that had past.
  4. Thank You more for the raincoat that shielded me when I felt like I can’t take it anymore; and helped me survived back to standing at my own two feet again.
  5. Thank You for the rainbow that shines through after everything has past.
  6. Thank You for the moon that comforted me when I’m blue and for the sun that rejoiced with me when I’m happy.
  7. Thank You for the good health and the cure when I’m not in good shape.
  8. Thank You for the safety and security that You have given me every day.
  9. Thank You for the new year to have and to hold; to cherish and fill-in new memories; and Thank You for the adventures of the past year, and the memories it brought for me keep and which for sure will gear me to survive the year ahead.

For the time being, here ends my THANKSGIVING.


Now the list is done. My appreciations to you, who’s reading it for sharing with my moment of Thanksgiving.

written: 9-22-11

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accountant by profession, a dreamer by heart, and a frustrated artist by nature ___________________________________________________________________________________ The only thing that stands between a person and what they want in life is the will to try and the faith to believe it's possible.

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